Drinking Buddy

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When Kira got home, she wasn't surprised to find her Father in her room, standing in the darkness, the wind blowing in the curtains through the open window he had climbed in.

"I'm guessing you were there?" Kira asked him.

He nodded once.

"Was that story true?"

He nodded again.

Kira hesitated a moment before asking her next question,"Which brother are you?"

"Abel," He answered after a moment,"Cain is my older brother. Was my older brother."

"And...he killed you? Then you killed him?"



He had to think about his answer first, after such a long time of living thinking back to his first couple of lives still brought him pain,"When I was reborn for the first time...I got my memories back and I thought I was meant to give him retribution. But then I killed him, and he came back. Again and again, we killed each other over centuries. Then I just gave up on searching to kill him. Now, he seeks me out to try and kill me. But I defend myself when he tries."

"So...you don't want to kill him anymore?"

"There's no point," Stiles replied,"Cain comes back. Always. And I kill him almost every time."

"Almost?" Kira asked, sounding worried.

"Almost," He confirmed.

"Have you...Have you killed him yet?"

"Not in this lifetime, but in the last one we died together so he's most likely a teenager now."

Kira's eyes went wide as she came to a realization,"You're a teenager?"

Stiles silently cursed himself for giving up too much,"Yes."

"How old are you? Body wise."

"Seventeen," Stiles answered honestly.

"Great, I'm the same age as my bio-Dad," Kira said,"Are you ever going to show me your face?" She asked, wanting to know who he was under the hood.

"Soon," He promised,"But once you do...a lot of things in your life will change. How you see your friends, you'll wonder if you never should have seen it in the first place, but you will adjust."

"How do you know?"

Stiles smiled under the mask and hood,"You may have gotten your power from your mother, but you got that fire in your soul from me."

Kira couldn't help but smile at the praise.

"Sleep," Stiles said soothingly,"You've had a long day."

Kira didn't realize how tired she was until Stiles acknowledged it. She nodded, and he slipped out the window.

Time Skip

The knocking on Stiles's front door a week later made him look up.

His Dad had a shift at the station so Stiles was alone for the day and it was the weekend so he was free.

Opening the door, he saw Argent's face, smiling for the first time in forever.

Stiles groaned in frustration, leaning his head against the door frame,"This is not a good idea, Chris."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Argent said, brushing past Stiles and into the house.

"You want to know everything there is to know about Infinites now that you know they exist," Stiles said,"Marie-Jeanne was the same way."

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