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The New Meta //ON HOLD\\ by izukukugo
The New Meta //ON HOLD\\by ·̩̩̥͙**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ ֆȶǟʀ ɮօʏ ˚...
After the nogistune, Stiles got kicked out because he was weak now and all he had was a bat, Stiles immediately leaves the town, he can't live with it. He father and mot...
The Alpha Kanima by werewolf7745
The Alpha Kanimaby Son Of Stope
When Stiles was eleven there was a rouge alpha that bit him, and in a panic Stiles accidentally killed him. But he didn't become a werewolf he became a Kanima, an Alpha...
Raised By Wolves by ScaliaRising
Raised By Wolvesby ScaliaRising
Stiles was an infant when he was adopted by a pack of werewolves that wanted to kill him at first. As Stiles grew, his pack begins to realize that maybe he's not as huma...
The Dead Son (Slow Updates) by werewolf7745
The Dead Son (Slow Updates)by Son Of Stope
A thousand years ago, Freya Mikaelson conceived a son, but when his Father died, she tried to kill herself while she was still pregnant with him. Hoping to release both...
Awake by ScaliaRising
Awakeby ScaliaRising
Stiles gets bit by an Alpha that isn't Scott or Derek and instead of becoming a werewolf or dying, Stiles becomes a Druid, yo. (Complete)
Multiverse by werewolf7745
Multiverseby Son Of Stope
There are hundreds of worlds, each of them unique in there own way. Specifically the young human boy known as Stiles Stilinski. Come on this journey to know just how di...
Infinite by werewolf7745
Infiniteby Son Of Stope
Henrik Mikaelson. Always known as the child taken too soon. The One that motivated Esther to make vampires. His siblings were made immortal, but no one knew that he alre...
Unexpected (Hope & Stiles) by werewolf7745
Unexpected (Hope & Stiles)by Son Of Stope
What if Hope left Mystic Falls, like she intended to when everyone remembered her? And she came to the town of Beacon Hills, where she meets a boy a little to sarcastic...
Fire Always Burns (Stiles & Hope) by werewolf7745
Fire Always Burns (Stiles & Hope)by Son Of Stope
Stiles' Dad died, and his secret comes to light. He's a Hellhound, like Parrish but he has more control. Deaton his legal guardian ships him off to some fancy school f...
Prince Of Hell by werewolf7745
Prince Of Hellby Son Of Stope
Stiles always thought he was a normal human and he always tried his best to keep it that way. He didn't get the bite from Peter, Derek, or Scott. But when the Nogitsun...
Stronger Together by werewolf7745
Stronger Togetherby Son Of Stope
Stiles has lost everyone he cared about at the hands of the Beast of Gevaudan. His Father, his pack, his brother. And the Dread Doctors took the last thing he had left t...
Beauty And The Beast by werewolf7745
Beauty And The Beastby Son Of Stope
The pack is gone, dead, completely killed by hunters, Stiles was the only one to survive because Scott gave him the bite at the last second. But he didn't turn into a we...
Stiles Stilinski The Ghost Rider by werewolf7745
Stiles Stilinski The Ghost Riderby Son Of Stope
Stiles loves his pack his family but when he finds out that some one he cares about is dying he makes a deal that would save their life but damn his soul ...
The Other Tribrid (Up for Adoption) by werewolf7745
The Other Tribrid (Up for Adoption)by Son Of Stope
Stiles thought he was the only one of his kind, a Tribrid. But then he meets a girl like him, but not totally. Hope Mikaelson is a werewolf, witch, and vampire. Stile...
A little uncomfortable?  by percieoceanpo
A little uncomfortable? by Dali
" Scott listen to yourself when have I ever been able to hurt - Anything. Never not even a fly or spider so what makes you think that I was the one that killed Don...
Symbol Of Hope by werewolf7745
Symbol Of Hopeby Son Of Stope
Stiles was kicked out of the pack because they thought he was weak but really he is the strongest thing on the planet so he leaves after finding out his origins trying t...