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Lifetime after lifetime, century after century, he has lived as hundreds of people all throughout history. Empires have risen and fallen and he was there for all of them. The world is his home and his curse.

Change Of View

Stiles shook his head, wincing as he tried to ignore the ringing in his head.

"You okay?" Scott asked him, noticing his tense expression.

"Yeah," Stiles said,"Yeah, just a headache I think."

It wasn't a headache at all, it was something else. Almost like when someone saw something that made them remember an old memory. It was like that but times a thousand, every single thing he saw made him remember something. But the memories aren't his.

Stiles swallowed, following Scott into his next class, Yukimura's.

Stiles sat down at his desk, laying his head on top of his arms, closing his eyes.

Immediately, he was filled with a terrible memory.

He was being carried by someone, he was weak, in pain.

"Father!" The one who carried him yelled.

"HENRIK!" A voice screamed.

That name Henrik echoed in his ears, then he gasped awake to Yukimura calling his name.

"Stiles!" He half shouted,"Are you alright?"

Stiles blinked rapidly,"C-Can I use the bathroom?"

Before Yukimura can respond, Stiles is already out of the classroom.

Scott stared after him in confusion, then he turned to the paper that Stiles was hunched over. Picking it up, all he saw were several jumbled letters that he didn't understand.





The letters then dissolved into symbols of Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic and several other languages he didn't understand.

But at the very bottom of the page he understood the two words very clearly.


Time Skip

Scott followed Stiles out of the school, talking to him worriedly,"Stiles, the last time this happened was with the Nogitsune."

"You don't think I know that?" Stiles asked, not turning back, his feet dragging him forward without his realization.

"Just--Just let Deaton check up on you," Scott tried to reason.

"No," Stiles said.


"No!" Stiles yelled, walking past his jeep.


"Because it's not Nogitsune, it's something different," Stiles said, and no sooner did he say that he was pulled into another memory.

"I am a Kitsune of three hundred years, you can't beat me with a blade."


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