The Destroyer

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When Noshiko stepped outside her house, Stiles stepped out of the shadows wearing his suit, his hood and mask down, swords still strapped across his back.

"Hello, Noshiko," Stiles said, smiling at the old fox.

"Stay away from me," Noshiko snarled.

"Look, I get that you're upset, but it's still me," Stiles said,"The same Kaito that taught you how to shoot and use the dragon sword."

"You are a child!" Noshiko reminded him.

"Okay, this body is, yes," Stiles admitted,"But I'm still a lot older than you."

"You are the same age as Kira."

"You don't think I know that?" Stiles said,"I am the best friend of her boyfriend, that's horrible all on its own. I convinced Scott to go out with her in the first place, and now every single time he talks about her, I just want to strangle him because of what he's thinking in that perverted, hormonal, tiny teenage brain."

Noshiko groaned,"This has gotten so much more complicated."

"Yeah," Stiles said,"I came here tonight to tell all of you who I was. Then Scott kind of messed things up."

"You look so different," Noshiko said, looking at him with wary eyes.

"I'm born into a new body, Noshiko," Stiles said,"That's how it's always done. It's not like I choose them, so far the only thing that's been consistent in my reincarnation is my gender."

Noshiko knew he looked different physically, but the soul was still the same,"You can't tell her yet," She told him.

"Why?" Stiles asked.

"Wait until things calm down," Noshiko said.

"She's a Kitsune, Noshiko, nothing will ever calm down for her. You know that more than anyone," Stiles said,"It doesn't matter what I look like or how old I am, I'm still her Father."

"Soon, but not now," Noshiko promised.

Stiles grit his teeth together,"Do you know what it's like to have your daughter look at someone else as a Father and not you?"

"I'm sure that is very painful," Noshiko started,"But you must wait a little while longer--"

"I am tired of waiting!" Stiles suddenly shouted,"I have lived thousands of years, gone through tortures most cannot even maintain their sanity through! But NOTHING compares to this!"

Before Noshiko could reply, Stiles's phone started buzzing. He huffed, tapping his ear piece that was connected to his phone,"This is a bad time."

"Stiles!" Allison's panicked voice coming over the small speaker in his ear,"Someone's here!"

"Allison?" Stiles asked, making Noshiko's eyes widen at the name.

Allison grunted in pain,"I-It's Mikael! He came back!"

Stiles paled, the one person of the Original family that he had seen in his previous lifetimes had returned.

"Where are you? Where are you right now?!" Stiles demanded.

"It's too late for me," Allison said,"He's going to take me. Find my Dad, tell him everything. You're gonna have to find me with his help."

"Allison? Allison!" Stiles said and a new voice came through.

"You want her back?" Mikael's cold voice asked,"Bring me my children."

It cutoff then, but Stiles was a thousand years away, remembering the last time he saw Mikael as Henrik.

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