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Stiles flipped a throwing knife around his fingers like it was a pencil and with a flick he sent it forward hitting the target dead center.

It was done, he was now the strongest as he physically could be in body. But it did little to help his mood.

Grabbing his backpack he slung it on his shoulders and grabbed the lacrosse bag with his suit and swords in it.

He stuck his lacrosse stick in the open zipper, empowering the illusion further. Something he had learned, nobody really sees beyond appearance.

So if they saw him as the weak human, that's all they would see until he showed them different.

After saying goodbye to his Dad, Stiles headed to school, pulling the jeep into his usual parking spot.

When he saw Kira he smiled at her.

Today. Today she was gonna find out who he really is, and if she rejected him or not he would leave that up to her.

Going to his class he saw Josie as well, and he sat next to her, he didn't know why but he was more comfortable with her than with his other friends. It was effortless to just be near her, almost like breathing, or sleeping.

Over the last couple of days he had told her more about his life, the different people he's been, the events he's witnessed, he even told her about Kira which she was the most surprised about.

And she told him about her, the darkness she's had to conquer, being born to a woman who wasn't her genetic mother, her twin sister and being forced into the shadow of the sister, and Dark Josie which was her evil alternate personality.

Stiles couldn't help but notice the similarities between them. Like her, he was always in the shadow of his sibling, he would always be the one that was killed by Cain in every bible story. The story claimed that he was the one that was given everything, being the shepherd while Cain was the farmer, but in reality Cain was the wanderer long before he was condemned.

His mind would always wander from their parents' teachings, he was greedy, selfish, he wanted more. He was jealous of Abel being more happy to be the shepherd than Abel was being the farmer.

The day continued without incident, going from class to class like it was a normal classroom and like Stiles was a normal student.

"Hey, Kira," Stiles said, jogging up to her.

"Oh, hey, Stiles," She replied, smiling.

"Look, I, uh, wanted to talk to you about something," He told her, sounding nervous.

"Is there something wrong?" Kira asked.

"Uh, kind of depends on the perspective of the situation--" Stiles started, but he's suddenly hit by a student running past him, he caught himself, putting a hand on the wall,"Dude! What the hell?" He shouted after him, then he noticed another student running past, then another, and another.

"What's going on?" Kira asked, pressing herself against the wall opposite of Stiles, a lot more students running out of fear and panic.

The answer was soon revealed when the students cleared out enough for them to see Lucien Castle, dropping his fifth body onto the ground next to the others.

"Get out of here!" Stiles told Kira.

"What? No! What are you going to--"

Stiles threw a knife, almost like it appeared out of his sleeve, and Lucien caught it with a smirk,"Do you think that a little knife can--"

He threw two more, one landing in Lucien's head, and the other his chest.

Scott came running into view just in time to see Stiles rip open his lacrosse bag and pull out his suit and swords.

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