Father Meet Daughter

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Kira looked between her Mother and who she thought was her Father, in shock.

"You lied to me," Kira said,"My whole life you lied to me. I thought we were done with this?!" She half shouted, standing up,"First it was hiding that I was a Kitsune, then this? You didn't tell me that you're not my real father. And that supposedly my real Dad is a fucking NINJA!"

"I thought he died centuries ago," Noshiko explained,"You have to understand--"

"I don't," Kira said, grabbing the sword and running out the door.

"Kira!" Her parents called after her, but all she did was continue to run, putting all of her supernatural powers into just outrunning her parents.

When she finally stopped it was dark and somewhere in the preserve.

"Where are you?" She said out loud, looking around,"You've been watching me. I know you're here."

Someone landed on the ground behind her and she slowly turned around to face her birth father still dressed in his suit.

"Hello, Kira," He said, his voice obviously changed so she wouldn't recognize it. (A/N) Think of the voice Oliver Queen uses when he's the Arrow.

"Who are you?" Kira demanded.

He sighed,"Your Mother knew me as Kaito. But now I go by a different name."

"And I don't suppose you're gonna tell me that name?"

He hesitated a moment,"In time maybe you will."

"And...you're my Dad? My real Dad?"

"I was the one that impregnated your Mother, yes."

"Where have you been? Mom said that you died six hundred years ago. How are you still alive? Why weren't you here with me?"

From behind the mask, Stiles's heart broke at the sight of his daughter so betrayed and sad.

"Reincarnation," He answered, making Kira blink,"I never knew Noshiko was pregnant until I was born again in a different body, and even then I knew that she would have moved on with someone else. If I had known she was with child, I would have--"

"Never left her?" Kira guessed.

"Yes," Stiles replied,"When you are as old as I am...it's a lot easier to let things go, like the love you once had for someone. But not the love a parent has for their child."

"How old are you?" Kira asked hesitantly.

He chuckled,"Much older than your Mother. The last time I tried to keep track of my age was around ten to fifteen thousand years ago."

Kira's eyes widened in shock.

"I have had children before," He told her,"But you are just the last one living."

"I-I'm sorry," Kira stuttered.

Kira could sense him smiling from under the hood,"None of it was your fault," He told her,"And...I just want you to know, I am going to be around more often. Whether you see me or not."

"Will you ever show me your face?" Kira asked.

"Soon," He said,"But not today. Now go home, Ken is still your father, and Noshiko is still your Mother."

"I don't think I can trust them anymore," Kira mumbled.

"Then don't trust them. Trust yourself," Stiles told her, and she looked down at the sword.

"What is this?" Kira asked, holding it up.

"It is called Arashi," He told her,"Japanese for storm. It'll keep you in control of the fox and the fox not in control of you. It also has other abilities that you will learn as you use it."

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