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July 2047

Jordana's POV:

I looked at the house.

It was weird seeing it empty.

We've lived in Spain my whole life. Near my aunts. Now we'd be going to a country I love but have never lived in.

A country that's part of me.

"What's on your mind?" I turned and saw Nahi.

"I'm happy we're moving to Portugal. I want to play for Portugal and Sporting." I shrugged. "But I've lived in Spain my whole life. I'm gonna miss it. All of you." 

She smiled. "I remember when I left Real Sociedad. It was all I knew. But sometimes in life, you meet people and you have amazing opportunities. Opportunities that require you to leave. Madrid wasn't a new country but it was still a change. We're all going to miss you too, J." She put her arm around me. "And your moms. But you are going to do some incredible things in Portugal. You are your parent's miracle baby." 

"I know. They tell me all the time." She laughed. "Was it really that bad?"

"We almost lost your mother that day." She looked at me. "Something happened with the pregnancy, to this day I still don't know what. I just know that Vir got a call from Patri. All she heard was "something's wrong with Mari" and we were all in the car. Alexia and Mari's friendship almost ended that day." She sighed. 

"I didn't know that." I looked down.

"Your mom asked Alexia something very hard. Wanted her to make an impossible promise. That if anything happened and it came down to you or her, they'd save you. Before you were even in the world, your mother was ready to sacrifice herself for you." 

"What did Ale do?"

"They argued. Alexia stormed out. She asked Vir too, but you know how Vir is when it comes to Mari." She shook her head. "Things went bad. In order to save you, they had to do surgery. But Mariana had put it off too long cause she was scared. You were born safe and sound. This beautiful baby. We couldn't wait to meet you and bring you home."

"You finally did go home but it didn't feel right." I saw Vir. "Because Mariana wasn't there." She leaned in the doorway. "But eventually, she woke up. I tell you that woman is too stubborn to die." I laughed. "Got ran off the road, survived. Got shot, survived. Felicia's birth. Lived. Your birth. Lived." She shook her head. "Death could come down and say "Mariana it's time" and Mari would laugh in his face." 

"I'm going to miss you guys." I looked at them. "Don't tell the others but you two might be my favorite aunts." 

"I'm going to tell everyone." Vir said. Nahi elbowed her. "You need me, you call me." Vir hugged me. "I'll travel across this planet for you kids. You know that."

I nodded. "There's a big choice now." Nahi said. "What name are you wearing on your jersey?"

September 2047

Gabriel's POV: 

I walked towards Mariana. "Can I talk to you for a second?" 

"Sure." She looked at Mapi and walked away. "What's going on?"

"I need a favor. Can you help me?"

"Always." I looked down. "I can't help if you won't tell me what it is." 

"You still have the family ring right?" I looked at her.

She smiled. "I do. Downside of having four kids is which one gets it."

"How about the one who's in a committed and serious relationship, has a kid with the girl, and really wants to spend the rest of his life with her." 

"You think you're ready for that?"

I shrugged. "I wasn't ready to have a kid but I can't imagine life without him."

"You're sure about this?"

"Completely." I smiled. "I've watched you and Mapi my whole life. And everyone else. When I met Elena, I knew I found that special person. She's my Mapi. I'm not going to let her go. Life is too short. My car accident reminded me of that. The birth of my son reminded me that. Growing up without my parents, reminded me that."

"I do think you're still young to get engaged." She crossed her arms. "But you're a year older than I was when you were born. You're already ahead of me." I laughed.

She walked over to her bedside table and opened the top drawer. It was empty except for the ring box. She took out the box.

"I didn't want to pack it until I saw you. I didn't want to just give it to you, in case you weren't thinking about it. But now that you're asking." She put the box in my hand. "This is yours." 

Maxi's POV:

The Mendes Leon house was empty. Everything was officially packed and headed to Portugal.

Except for the actual family. Luca would be staying in Spain. He got an apartment to continue playing for Zaragoza. 

Felicia, Jordana and their parents would be leaving.

"What? I finally move to Spain to be closer to family and everyone decides to move?" Luna asked.

"At least you still have me." Jimena looked at her.

"The only thing keeping me going."

I laughed. "It's going to be weird without the Mendes Leon family. Who's gonna host all our parties now?" 

"Fine, I'll do it." Lola sighed.

"What?" Carmen looked at her. 

"You're right. No one put me down as host. I take it back."

"It's like when the Ibiza trips ended." Mapi said. "We find a new thing." She shrugged. "Whatever that thing is, we'll have to wait and see." 

Leila looked at her. "You know I'm gonna call you nonstop right?"

"I wouldn't doubt it." Mapi laughed and hugged her.

Virginia walked towards Mariana. "What am I gonna do without my sister?"

Mariana laughed. "I don't know. But you better stay out of trouble. Those two girls need both of their kick-ass moms." 

Vir laughed. "We raised some great kids, Mari." She hugged her. 

I looked at my mom. "Are you crying?"

"No." Mom crossed her arms. "Something flew in my eye."

Virginia looked at her and laughed. "Bad bitch tears?" She smirked.

"The baddest bitch tears ever." She laughed.

"I'm not even gonna ask." Enzo said.

They got into the car and headed off. 

Two were in Italy. Four heading to Portugal.

Everything is changing.

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