First Meeting

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Surprise guess who's back.

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May 2045

Jordana's POV:

"What are we eating?"

"Food." Mom said. She started laughing as Mama glared at her. "Sorry."

"Well, I called your grandmother what she made when she met Mapi." Mama smiled. "So I am making that same meal."

"Hopefully no one gets angry about where the other was born." Mom said. "Because that was fun." 

"What happened?" Luca asked.

"When your mom met my parents for the first time, my mom didn't think she was good enough for me." Mama said. "She wanted what was best for me, and didn't want me to regret anything being with Mapi."

"Do you?"

"I do have one regret." She said.

"What?" Mom asked nervously.

"Not hitting you up after seeing you in 2019." She smiled.

"Gross." Felicia said. 

"You know I slid into her DMs after we first met." Mom smiled.

"Slid into her DMs?" Felicia groaned.

"How old ARE you guys?" Luca sighed. "Jesus!"

The door opened. "What did we just walk into." I heard Gabriel.

"Brother!" I ran to him.

"Baby sister!" He hugged me. "Miss me?"

"Yes. Moms are being cute and thing one and thing two are being annoying."

"Nice." He smiled. "Welcome to the chaos." He looked at Elena.

"Hi! I'm Jordana!" I smiled. 

"Hello." She waved. "I'm Elena."

"I remember you from the hospital." I smiled. "Thank you for taking care of my brother."

"Just doing my job." She smiled. 

"You're really pretty."

"Thank you. You're adorable."

Gabriel laughed. "Jordana is my favorite sibling. Don't tell the others."

We went into the kitchen. "Mama! Gabriel is here!" 

He introduced everyone to Elena and we sat and ate.

Raquel's POV:

"Mom why do you keep going to America?" I asked.

"For work." She said. "I have a patient out there who I helped a long time ago."

"Oh. Are they ok now?"

She looked down. "Yeah. I think so." 

July 2045

Gabriel's POV:

"What's going on with Nahi?" I asked Virginia.

Mariana and I met up with Patri and Virginia for coffee.

She sighed and looked at me. "You were really young but she used to know this girl Alex. That girl brought drama and trouble wherever she went. She almost ruined our relationship before we were married. She showed up at our wedding."

"I remember your wedding." I smiled. "I wore a bowtie."

"You were the bowtie kid." Mariana laughed.

"Hey. Can't go wrong with a bowtie, Mari." I leaned back.

"The kids think she went to America for work." She shook her head. "But Alex's sister keeps calling. Even after she-"

"I got coffee." Patri walked over. 

"How are you doing, Patri?" I smiled.

"You know, kid." She sat down. "Married life. Can't complain."

"Now how are you REALLY doing?" Vir asked. Patri looked at me. "He's not 5 anymore, Patri. Be honest."

Patri sighed. "Come on, Patri. You can talk to us." Mariana said. 

Patri nodded. "I don't know. I don't want to be the first one but," She sighed. "Carla and I are considering getting divorced."

"What?" Virginia said.

"I'm just not happy." She shook her head. "I want more you know. I love being fun Aunt Patri but," She shrugged. "I don't know maybe I want to be mom." 

"Carla doesn't want kids?"

"That was the big thing before we got married. And I didn't either at that time. But as I got older, seeing all of you have your kids, getting to watch you," She looked at me. "grow into this incredible young man. I want that for myself. It's probably too late now." She looked down. 

"No it's not." Mariana said. 

"You can adopt me." I said.

"Hey." Mariana crossed her arms.

"You wouldn't allow that for Patri?"

"I love Patri." Mariana said. "But no one is stealing my oldest. If I lose him, the other three will get all screwed up. This one? He's my blueprint."

I laughed. "Nice, Mari."

"Patri. If you aren't happy then you need to do what you have to. If that means getting divorced, then we'll stand by your side through the whole process."

"Good because we already started it." 

"Jesus Christ! Alexia 2.0 with all the secrets!" Mariana said.

Luna's POV:

"Case dismissed."

"Bring in the dancing lobsters." I heard behind me. I slowly turned around.

"Mom why." I sighed. 

"I came to surprise you."

"Ok and you could've waited in the hallway."

"Yeah but I've never seen you in action." She smiled. "I had to see my baby girl be a badass lawyer!"

"Mom." I sighed. "I have a meeting in like 10 minutes. Can't you wait at my apartment? We'll grab dinner?" 

"Sure." She hugged me. "I'm proud of you." 

"Thanks, mom."

"Ms. Garcia." 

"Yes?" I turned around. 

"They're here early."

"Ok. I'll be right there."

"How come you don't go by van de Donk?"

"Because by the time they finish saying my name, the murderer will have killed 6 more people?" I titled my head.

"Cute." She said. "Also. Your mother is here too. We'll see you at your apartment."

She left and I stood there. "Why!"

Why are Nat and Daan visiting Luna?

Will Mapi and Mariana like Gabriel's girlfriend?

What will happen with Patri and Carla? 

Find out in the next update!

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