No Matter What

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September 2044

Luna's POV:

"I'm not defending him this time." I sighed. "That would ruin my career. Besides, I'm biased on this. He attacked my family. I take that very seriously." I crossed my arms. "An attack on my family is an attack on me."

"Understood Ms. Garcia." I nodded. "Will Ms. Leon be testifying?"

"That's a question for her. I was going to check on her after this."

I got my stuff and walked outside. Dario was leaning against my car. "I'm not doing this, D."

"I need to see him." I looked at him. "Please, Luna."

"He's not my client anymore. I can't do that. If you want to see him, you can visit him in prison." I unlocked my car and put my stuff in. 


"Dario he shot Mapi. What part of that are you struggling to understand? He confessed this morning to it. Want to know why he did it?" He stared at me. "He wants Leila and Mariona to suffer the way he did. He wants them to lose everything. He had a whole plan. A whole list. Mapi was the first victim. Want to know who was next?" 


"Mariana. Alexia. Then Jenni, Lola, Virginia, Nahikari, my mothers. Dario, he wanted to kill my mothers! He was going to finish with Leila and Mariona. So that you would have no one left but him." He looked down. "I'm sorry, Dario." I got in my car and drove off.

Gabriel's POV:

"Thank you." I hung up. "Mari?" 


"That was my agent."

"Uh oh." She smiled. "What's going on?"

I laughed. "I'm leaving Sporting."

"And going where?"

"Atleti." I sighed. "They know my Sporting contract is up. Sporting offered a 2-year extension."


"Atleti offered 5. I think it's time to see what's out there for me." I nodded. "I've been with Sporting since I was 7 years old, Mari. I'm going to be 22 in November."

"You don't have to explain anything to me." She said. "If you feel it's time. Then it's time. And remember, I played for Atleti too so I know it's a good organization. And Lola is the goalkeeping coach for the women's team. So if you need anything her and Carmen are close by."

I nodded. "And João is still in the area." 

"True." She nodded. "He's a good noodle."

Enzo's POV:

"Mama!" I walked into the kitchen. Maxi was with the Barcelona full team.

Now was my chance to talk about my future. 

I joined Barcelona the same year as my brother. When I was 7. Being born in Barcelona meant I was destined to play for them.

But like my mother, my heart belonged to Madrid.

"Yes, my son?" She turned around. "Can I talk to you?" I sat at the table.

"Of course. Everything ok?"

"Well." I shrugged. "I don't want to play for Barcelona anymore."

"That's ok. Where do you want to go?"

I smiled. "I want to play for Atleti. Like you did." 

She smiled and looked down. "I knew this day would come. Let me talk to your mom. See what we can do, ok?"

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