Wouldn't Lie

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So this is going to be sad...

Everything will work out in the end. 

I promise.

Just cause my life sucks, doesn't mean I'm going to torture you guys... for that long. 

Get tissues and enjoy.

July 2044

Gabriel's POV:

"Mapi got shot?" I looked at Leila. "By who?"

"They don't know. Dario, Jenni and I found her. Dario's pretty, messed up by it." 

"She's gonna be ok though, right Mari?" I looked at her.

Mariana wiped her face and faked a smile. "Yeah! She's going to be fine!" She put her arms around Luca. "Your mother is the toughest woman I know. She's going to be ok."

I looked at Leila. She shook her head. "You're lucky." Luna walked in. "That nurse? She thinks your ugly ass is adorable." She gave me a piece of paper. "You're welcome."

I took it and smiled. "Thanks, Luna." 

"Gabriel Felix dos Santos Mendes did you seriously get a girls number while you're in the hospital?" 

"Yeah." I laughed. "I have a broken arm. Everything else is fine." 

"My god." Leila sighed. "Alright kids. Let's give your brother some time to rest."

She took Jordana, Felicia, and Luca out of the room. "I'll leave too. Don't scare me like that." Luna said putting her hand on my head. "You, me and D. We're a trio. I need both of you idiots alive ok?"

"Ok. Go sit with him."

"I will." She left. 

Mariana sat on the side of my bed, her back to me. "Mari." I sighed.

"I heard car accident and froze." She mumbled. "I was right back to 2022. With your father." She sighed. 

"I'm ok though." I said.

"But Mapi's not." She said. She turned and looked at me. "She's not ok. They lost her twice in the ambulance. Nahi is positive when the kids are around. No one wants to hear that they might lose fun Aunty Mapi today." She smiled. "There's a chance I could lose my wife today. And I," she shook her head. "I don't know how to do that. I've lost everyone in my life. My grandfather, my brother, my grandmother, and my father. My brother got me through my grandfather. Alexia got me through my brother. Mapi got me through my grandmother and my father. Who gets me through Mapi? Who moves on after losing the love of their life?" 

"I don't know, Mari." I said. "But whatever happens. You won't be alone." 

Dario's POV:

Luna sat next to me and held my hand. "Gabriel got this nurses number." She said. "Little shit is in the hospital and got a girls number." 

"Jealous?" I smirked.

"No. I have no trouble getting girls. I just wouldn't think of trying to pick up a girl while in the hospital. After getting into a car accident." 

"I flirted with Alexia after mine." Jenni said.

"Of course you did." Maxi rubbed his forehead. 

Patri, Carla, Leila and Mariona took the smaller kids out for a walk. My moms showed up.

"Where's Mapi?" Nat asked.

Mariana walked out of Gabriel's room and sighed. "She's out of surgery." She said. "Nahi said it went well but there were a few bumps."

"Like what?" 

"Like her heart stopping." Mariana took a deep breath. "I can't lose my wife." I mumbled and covered her mouth. "I can't."

Virginia got up and hugged her. Dario squeezed my hand. I looked at him. 

Caterina's POV:

"Aunty Patri?" I looked up at her.

"Yes sweet angel girl?" She smiled.

"My mama is a good doctor right?"

"She's one of the best." 

"So Aunty Mapi will be ok. Right?" 

She looked at me and kneeled down. "Right now, Aunty Mapi isn't doing ok." She looked at us. "But we just have to keep telling her that we love her and that we're here for her. And she'll get better. Your mama is a great doctor, and your aunty Mapi is so strong." 

I nodded. "You have nothing to worry about." Leila said and picked me up. "Oh but you are getting WAY too big for me to carry you!" I laughed. "Be a baby again!"

I saw Aunty Patri look at Aunty Carla. 

Felicia's POV:

We went back inside and I sat next to mama. "When can we see her?" I asked.

"Soon. I hope." She looked at her hands. I watched her play with her wedding ring. We heard footsteps and saw Nahikari walk in. 

"Mari." She said. 

Mama stood up and I followed. "Go sit down, Felicia."

"I'm old enough to know." I said. "I want to know."

She sighed and looked at Nahikari. She nodded. We walked away from everyone else. "I won't lie. It's not looking good, Mari. They lost her twice in the ambulance and once during surgery. The machines you'll see, they're keeping her alive. We don't know if she'll survive without them. We hope she can but it's too early to tell. We have done everything we can to help her, Mariana. Believe me. I made sure she got the best care possible." Mama nodded. "It's just out of our hands. All we can do on our end right now, is keep her comfortable. I am so sorry, Mari."

Mama covered her face. "I'm going to lose my mom?" I looked at Nahikari.

"No." She said. 

"You said you wouldn't lie." I looked down.

Nahi sighed and hugged me. "We don't know, Felicia. We're going to make sure you don't lose your mom. But it's not up to us anymore. It's up to her."

I nodded and wiped my eyes.

"When can we see her?"

"We're getting her settled in a room now. I'll send someone to grab you when she's ready." She said. "I think one at a time is best to start."

"Good luck keeping Leila away from her." Mama laughed. 

Nahikari left and I watched mama start to cry. She tried to hide it from me.

"You don't have to hide it." I said. "Crying is natural. I know how much you love mom." I said. "So you don't have to hide the tears, mama." I grabbed her hand. "We'll be ok."

We walked back over to everyone. Mama told them what Nahikari just told us. Leila got up and left the room, Mariona following behind. 

I sat next to Luca and Jordana, grabbing their hands. 

I looked over at Xavier. He hid his face but I saw his body shaking. He was crying but didn't want to show it. Isabella put a hand on his shoulder. 

"Mariana?" A nurse walked in. "You can see your wife now." 

Mama nodded and stood up. She walked over to us and kneeled down. "I'm going to see her first ok? When you can, I'll bring you guys to see her. But right now, it's better for just one person. We don't want to overwhelm her." We all nodded. "And if you guys need him, Gabriel is right through that door. You see him if you need him."

"We will." Luca said. "I'm her little lion."

"Yes you are." She smiled. She stood up and looked at Vir. "Can you-"

"I'll go tell him." She smiled. "Go see your wife." 

Mama left and went to see mom. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. 

"You can't leave me yet mom." I heard Luca. "You need to see me bring another World Cup home first." 

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