One Day

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January 2045

Isabella's POV:

After starting with Atleti, Xavier joined Sevilla.

I missed seeing my brother every day. We're twins.

It's weird.

But he's still my brother.

And he's annoying.

I grabbed my bag and went downstairs. "Mom." I looked at her. "I gotta go."

"Right." She smiled. "My kids are growing up. Playing with the senior team." She fake cried. "I'm old!"

"Yeah, we know. Can we leave now?" 

"Ouch Lola. How do you feel?" Mama smirked.

"You're old too, mama. Just cause you're quiet doesn't mean I forgot." 

"OHHH!" Mom yelled. "Get your smart ass in the car." She pushed me outside. She drove me to Atleti's facility. "We'll see you after the game. Have fun be careful."

"Always." I walked inside.

"I love you!" 

"Love you too mom." I rolled my eyes. 

"Cute." Enzo stood there.

"What are you doing?"

"Practice just ended. I'm waiting for,"

"Kid!" Gabriel walked over.


"Hey Junior." I smiled.

"My favorite Gallardo twin!" He hugged me. "How are you?"


"How's the team?"

"Better than the men."

"Usually how those things go." He nodded. "Good luck today. You," He pointed to Enzo. "Have to finish that paper."

"But it's our guy's weekend." 

"Ok? And if you fall behind in school it will be a guy's funeral." Gabriel said. "The faster you finish it, the faster we can play video games all night."


"Until like 10. I have a game tomorrow." Gabriel sighed. "Let's go."

"Bye guys." I laughed.

"Bye Gallardo." Gabriel smiled.

"Bye!" Enzo ran to the car.

March 2045

Jordana's POV:


"Daughter?" She smiled. 

"I know who I want to play for." I smiled.



She stared at me. "Get out of my house." 

"What?" I laughed. 

"I don't care about your sexuality, sexual orientation, or any of that. I will love you regardless. But I draw that line at liking Benfica." 

"Who likes Benfica?" 

"No one." 

"Mariana." Mom smiled. "Who likes Benfica?"

"You know I'm joking right?" I smirked. 

"You are a pain in my ass, child."


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