March Babies

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In Spain's Brightest, Patri and Jess ended up having two children. When we met THIS version of Jess, she is a divorced mother. 

One of Patri and Jess' children has moved to the International universe. You will meet that child in this update.


March 2047

Amaya's POV:

I walked downstairs. "Morning mama." I smiled.

"Morning baby girl." She kissed the top of my head. "Patri is picking you up from school today. Is that alright?"

"Yeah." I sat down. "Why?"

"Mom has a late practice today and I have a meeting." She said. "And don't forget tomorrow we're going to Mari and Mapi's. To celebrate everyone's birthday."

"I think it's funny that Joaquin has the same birthday as Nahi." I smiled. "And then there's Mari."

She dropped me off at school and at the end of the day, I saw Patri. "Aunty Patri!" I ran to her. "Thanks for picking me up." I hugged her.

"Anytime, kid." She laughed. "You remember my girlfriend, Jess right?" 

I looked in the car. "Yep. Hi." 

"How was school?" 

"It was boring." I sighed and got in the backseat. "How much longer do I have to go?"

"How old are you?" Patri asked as she drove away.

I laughed. "I'll be 14 soon."

"Jesus Christ." She mumbled. "I swear to god you were just born." I laughed. "Hate to say this kid, but you got at least another 4 years of this whole school thing."

"My brother and sister left school early."

"You do know Sevilla forced Xavier to do double school right? They both finished school, don't think they didn't." 

"Xavier plays for Sevilla?" Jess asked.

"Yep." Patri said.

"You played for them right?" I asked.

"Never played for the senior team." She turned to me. "That's where I met your mom. We were never close though. I was kind of intimidated by her."

"Where'd you play after?"

"I left Spain and moved to England. Played for Manchester United for a while."

"Did you know Ona?"

"I was gone by the time she showed up." She laughed. "I played in Germany for a while, that's where I met my ex." She rolled her eyes. "We got married, I had our son, then got cheated on and a bunch of other problems." She sighed. "Then we got divorced and that's where I met Patri." She smiled. "And now all of you. I never thought I'd be this happy." 

"How old is your son?"

She took a deep breath. "He's turning 19 this month actually." 

"You should invite him to Mari and Mapi's!" I said. "We're celebrating the March birthdays! Mari is March 16th, Nahi and Joaquin are March 10th. Dario's the 25th, Leila's the 22nd, and Mariona is the 19th. When's his?"

"The 17th." She said. She looked at Patri. "Do you think they'd mind? I'd like for him to meet all of you."

"The more people the better. Mariana loves having people over. That girl never says no to hosting a party." 

I laughed. "Leila is the life of the party, but that party is always thrown by Mari." 

Maxi's POV:

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