Stop Loving Each Other

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I'm in DANGER!!! At work. I hate myself. I hate it here. I wanna go HOMEEEE! 

August 2046

Enzo's POV:

"You're what?" Mom looked at Gabriel. "Mariana, is he joking?"

"No, he is serious." 

"You're gonna be a father?" Mama said.

"Ew gross." I shook my head.

"Damn! Junior did the nasty!"

"Maxi." Mom pushed him.

"Never say that again." Mama sighed.

"Do you Mendes kids not know what condoms are?" Lola rubbed her face.

"The genes are too strong to be held back Lola. We all know this." Leila said.

"Mom." Dario groaned.

"Look!" Mariana said. "Yes, he's young. Mapi and I were shocked too. But he's a good kid."

"You guys were all married and still weren't ready for kids." Gabriel said.

"That's true." Leila nodded.

"I'm still not ready." Lola said.

"But I do know that I love her and I'll love this baby. I wasn't raised to turn my back on people I love."

"Just don't die in a car accident like your father."

"Jesus Christ Lola." Mariana sighed.


I smiled. 

"Are you going to marry her?" Virginia asked.

Gabriel shrugged. "Maybe one day. I loved her before this. But let's just focus on the baby. All that can wait."

"Aw, he is mature." Leila smiled.

"Is this how you'll all react if I get a girl pregnant?" Maxi asked.

"If you get a girl pregnant I'm cutting IT off." Mom crossed her arms. "That goes for all three of you."

"I didn't even say anything." I looked at her.

"You were going to make a smart ass comment, Enzo we know you." Mama said.

"True." I nodded. "True." 

October 2046

Dario's POV:

"How's Jamie?" Luna asked.

"She's great." I smiled. "How's Jimena?"

"Amazing in every way." 

I held out my beer bottle. "Junior isn't the only one tied down now." 

She hit my bottle with her's. "But if you get Jamie pregnant, I will kill you." She took a sip.

"Damn it. I can't even make that same threat." I sighed.

"Lesbian power." She laughed. 

"Any update with my dad's case?"

She sighed. "D,"

"Luna, please. I just wanna know what's going on with the man who tried to kill my aunt." 

She nodded. "It doesn't look good for him. He had everything planned out, on paper. It's literally being used as evidence against him. Plus, they found video evidence from a gas station. Mapi was in his car."

"What was his whole plan?" I looked at her. 

"I should tell everyone else. Mapi deserves to know."

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