Growing Up

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March 2046

Jordana's POV:

"Mom?" I said walking into her office in the house.

"Yes?" She smiled. 

"Can I go to the field?"

"Sure but there is one condition."

I sighed. "What?"

She slowly pointed to her cleats. "I have to come with you."

I shrugged. "Ok!"

"Really?" I nodded. "This is what it's like to still be loved by your children?" 

"I wouldn't know mom." I said. "I'm 14. I don't have kids."

"Good. Let's keep it that way."

"Ok. Can we go now?"


Amaya's POV:

"Amaya, you ready?" 


"Of course she is." Isabella said. "The kiss ass is always ready."

"Be nice to your sister." Mama sighed. "I have a headache and this isn't helping." She walked outside.

"What's wrong with her?" I looked at mom.

"Long night." She said. 

"Gross." Isabella said.

"No you little asshole." Mom sighed. "She was up late last night. Ok? So be nice to your sister please, because you should ALWAYS be nice to your siblings. When your mother and I are gone, all you'll have left is them." She smiled. 

"Are planning on leaving us soon?" Isabella smirked.

"I regret having you." She said softly. 

"Nice mom." Isabella nodded. 

"What is happening."

"This is what happens when your oldest daughter," Mom pointed to Isabella. "Ends up turning into a younger version of you." 

"Who am I like?" I smiled.

"You're a weird mix of both of us. But you are mostly Carmen 2.0 and I love that. The world needs more Carmen Menayo's." She turned to Isabella. "And less Lola Gallardo's so you better relax."

"Who is Xavier like?" I crossed my arms.

"He is." She sighed and walked away. "Adopted." 

I laughed and looked at Isabella. "That's one thing you and I can agree on."


"Xavier is annoying." 

"Good point." 

Caterina's POV:

"Zariah you need to stop calling me." I heard mama. "This isn't my problem anymore. It hasn't been for years. I'm married with a family now. Leave me out of it." I heard her put the phone down and sigh. 

"Mama?" I walked into the room. She looked at me. "Are you ok?"

She smiled. "Yes, my beautiful girl." She opened her arms. "Come here." She hugged me. "I love you." 

"I love you too, mama."

"How are my girls doing?" Mom walked in. 

"I'm just enjoying our girl while she's little a baby." Mama hugged me tighter. "Before she grows up and leaves us."

Mom smiled and walked over. "Caterina is not allowed to grow up. She's the youngest. You are not allowed to grow up. I forbid it." 

"Ok." I smiled. "Can we have a movie night?" 

"Your sister is going to spend the night at Jordana's. You ok with it just being us?"

"Yep! Can I pick the movie?" 

"Yes but not Frozen!" 

"That's fine." I smiled. "When I was with Joaquin we watched those old Avengers movies!"

"Which one?" Mom asked.

"Can we watch that old Black Widow on? Don't tell Ale or Jenni but Maxi has a crush on the person who plays her."

Mom looked at Mama. "Don't do it." Mama sighed. 

"I have to go make an unrelated call." She said softly and slowly backed out of the room. "Go get the movie ready." She ran off.

"She's weird." I said.

"I know she is, baby. I know."

May 2046

Luna's POV:

I woke up and looked around.

"Finally you're up." I heard an unfamiliar voice. 


"You don't remember my name do you?" The girl sighed. 

"I do not."

"Well, that answers my question." She got her stuff together. "Don't call me." She started to leave.

"Didn't plan on it!" I yelled and heard the door slam. 

I reached over and grabbed my phone. 

6 missed calls


I sighed and called him back.

"Finally! I thought you died!"

"What do you want D? It's like 8 in the morning here."

"You're usually up at 7."

"I had a long night."

"What was her name?"

"I can hear the smirk in your voice and I'm not in the mood. What do you want?"

"I call with good news."

"Get to the point, D, or I'm hanging up."

"Jesus! Fine. Grumpy ass." He said. "That trainer? She's single. I put in a good word and she told me to give you her number. So I will be sending it to you if you're still interested."



"You remembered to put in a good word?"

"Well she left Barca when I was at Bayern, but I ran into her a few weeks ago and it was nice to see a familiar face. We started talking and obviously, I'm not her type, but she's a really nice person and I was like hey you know who is amazing? My good friend Luna. She said she's seen you on my Instagram and thinks you're cute. So she gave me her number to pass along to you."

"Send it."

He laughed. "I'll send it. But Luna. Are you ok?"

"Just working too much." I said. "I need a break."

"So take one. I know one Spanish and one Portuguese boy who would love to see their favorite lawyer." I laughed. "Come on. We're both at the end of our seasons and don't have national team camp till July. Fly out. We can all go out. You and the trainer, Junior and Elena, and I'll be the very awkward and lonely fifth wheel."

"Fine, I'll fly out but one condition."


"I'm bringing a plus one for you." 


"You wingman for me. I wingman for you."

"Ok. Deal. See you soon."

He hung up and I went out to my living room. "Son of a bitch that girl dented my fridge." 

The oldest of the family are getting into relationships!

The youngsters are growing up!

And Lola regrets having kids!

The chaos.

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