Best Friends

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I wrote this instead of doing an assignment that's due in an hour.


January 2044

Dario's POV:

I got to the field and saw the girl's youth team. "Hey kids!" I waved. "Good practice?" 

"Yeah. Are you guys going to win this weekend?"

"We're going to try." I smiled.

"That's a loss." She sighed and walked away. 

I saw my mom laugh. "You're a hit with the kids." I rolled my eyes. "It's your day off why are you here? Not that I'm not happy to see my son at any opportunity."

I smiled. "Nice save." She laughed. "I got called in for a meeting." I shrugged. 

"Transfer window is still open." She said.

"I know. Think that's what it's about." I sighed. "I love Barcelona, mom but."

"But you can do better somewhere else." She smiled. "Dario, I know. I was a player too. I know how things work."

"You played here your whole career though."

"Not the whole career. I did go to Valencia. If you wanna talk about leaving a club you love, talk to Mariana." 

I nodded. "Have you?"

"No one has. That family can never catch a break." 

Gabriel's POV:

I heard everyone talking but I didn't pay attention. I stared at the wall. "Gabriel. Gabriel?" I looked up. 


"Will you speak at the service?" 

"Oh. Um."

"He always liked listening to you talk." Mariana said. 

"I will." I said. I looked down. 

"Hey." Mariana said. "If you want to go wait outside, you can." 

"I don't want to leave you." I said.

"I'll be fine. Go check on Felicia for me." 

I nodded. "Ok." I got up and went outside. Mapi was with the kids. 

"How's it going in there?" She asked. 

"How do you think?" I crossed my arms. "Luca get away from the street, kid." 

He looked at me. "Nothing scares me!" 

"I'll go get mom." 

"One thing scares me!" He ran closer to us. 

Isabella's POV:

"Let's go! We got a flight to catch!" Mom yelled. 

I zipped up my suitcase and went across the hall. "Xavier you ready yet?" I knocked on the door.

"He's probably asleep." Amaya walked by me. 

"Xavier let's go!" I banged on the door.

"Wow!" Mom ran upstairs. "What's all the yelling about?"

"Dumbass fell asleep."

"Don't call your brother a dumbass." She rubbed her forehead. "Only I get to do that."

"Lola are they ready!" Mama yelled from downstairs.

"Yeah we'll meet you in the car." She looked at me. "Watch and learn." She opened the door and walked in. "SON OF A BITCH!" She grabbed Xavier. "Get dressed! Get packed! Ass in the car! 10 minutes!"

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