Welcome to the Chaos

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Remember when Gabriel was born? The first official child of the International Story is about to have a child. 

Enjoy the update!

February 2047

Enzo's POV:

"Happy birthday." One of my teammates patted my shoulder.

"Thanks." Gabriel looked at me. "What?" 

"Nothing." He shook his head. "I just remember when you were born." He laughed. "Now you're 17. That is crazy." 

Practice ended and Gabriel looked at his phone. "Oh shit. Uh Enzo, get all your shit together quickly."


"Elena is in labor." He said. 

"Oh shit." I grabbed all my stuff. We got in the car and he drove to the hospital." 

"Call my-"

"Already on it!" I said. 


"Hey, Aunt Mari. It's Enzo."

"Why are you calling from Gabriel's phone? What happened!"

"He's driving. Elena is in labor. We're going to the hospital."

"Text me where. We'll meet you."

"Ok." I hung up and texted the hospital. "They'll meet us there."


We got to the hospital. Gabriel parked and we ran inside. "My girlfriend is in labor."


"Yeah." He said. She told us where to go. I've never seen Gabriel move so fast.

We got to the waiting room and he went inside. "Wait for my parents." He said. 

I sat and waited. "Enzo?" I looked up and saw Mariana and Mapi. 

"He's in there." I stood up. "He told me to wait here. Obviously, I don't know Elena like that." I said.

"You really are your mother's son." Mapi sighed.

We all sat and waited. "How long is this gonna take?" Felicia asked. 

"Shouldn't you be in Portugal?" I looked at her.

"I signed the contract but I'm not their player till next season." She said. 

I looked down. "I'm gonna miss you." I said.

"I'll just be a phone call away." 

Luca's POV:

We continued to wait for any type of update. "So will this kid be our niece or nephew?" I looked at mom. "Because Gabriel isn't technically our brother. He was basically adopted."

"Joaquin was adopted." Enzo said. "He's just as much my brother as Max is." 

"Yes. This kid will be your niece or nephew." Mama said. "I'm about to become a grandmother." She took a deep breath. "Mapi help." 

Mom shook her head. "Babe. Relax. We aren't old."

"Mom aren't you like, 58?" Jordana asked.

"I'm 51." Mom looked down. "You little shit." 

I smirked. It was nighttime when Gabriel walked out. "Well." Mama looked at him.

"Wanna meet your grandson?" He smiled.

"Grandson? As in a baby boy?"

"Yep." He nodded. "We knew but we didn't tell anyone." 

We walked and looked at the baby. "Elena is an only child." Gabriel said. "We discussed godparents the minute she decided to keep the baby. I say she because it was more her decision than mine. It is her body after all. I got 1 brother and 2 sisters. So obviously, the godfather would be Luca."

"What?" I looked at him. "Seriously?"

"You're a little shit, but you got a big heart. A heart you wear on your sleeve. I know you like to act all tough and that you don't care. But you're a big softie." I smiled.

I looked at my godson. "No one is ever going to lay a finger on you." I looked at him.

"And 2 sisters made it a tough choice. But Felicia, I picked you. Jordana, you're still young. I knew you'd panic with being a godmother right now, but I know you'll be a fun aunt." 

"I'm gonna be a wine aunt." She fake cried. Mama sighed. "In 3 years when I turn 18 and am the legal drinking age." She smiled and gave an awkward thumbs up.

"I will happily accept the title of godmother, thank you, Junior." Felicia smiled.

Luna's POV:

We were all in Spain to welcome home Gabriel, Elena, and their son. We haven't met him yet.

Mariana said he's adorable. But she says anything connected to the Mendes family is adorable.

"Before they get here I want to talk to you." I turned to my mothers.

"Oh no. Did you get arrested?" Mom said.

"What?" Mama sighed. "Daan. Stop. What's going on?"

"Did I get arrested?" Mom put her hands on her chest. "Not guilty your honor." 

"Daan!" Mama pushed her. "Can you let the girl speak?"

I shook my head. "I got a transfer." I said. "I'm moving to Spain. After Mapi's incident, a firm here really liked my quick work. They offered me a position then but I told them I needed time. I feel disconnected from everyone. Especially my mothers, even though you guys packed up and moved back to Italy."

"Everyone forgets we were born the furthest away." Mama said. "Like yeah Mariana is from Portugal. I was born in fucking Italy!" She said. "And this idiot is from the Netherlands. I still don't know where that is on a map!"

Mom smiled. "Neither do I! And I was born there!" 

I put my head down. "I'm so happy I was adopted."

"Congratulations." Dario walked over. "Since they got sidetracked."

"They're here!" Patri said.

The door opened and Gabriel walked in holding the baby. Elena saw everyone and smiled. "What's all this?"

"Well, we are one pretty messed up and dysfunctional family." Leila said. "But we all love each other. And we have two," She looked around. "Actually, 3 new members of that family. This is a welcome to the chaos party." She smiled. "And like usual, I am the life of that party." 

"Three?" Jenni asked.

"Elena and the little baby." Leila said.

"And you." Patri turned to Jess. "I think I'm falling in love with you." 

I smiled and turned to Jimena. "What?" She asked.

"I think I'm falling in love with you." I whispered.

"Go meet your nephew, you useless lesbian." She laughed. I stared at her. "Because I'm falling in love with you, but there are young children here." 

"Can I leave early?" I whispered to my mom.

"You are disgusting." Mom sighed. "But yes you can." She patted my back.

I laughed and went to meet the baby.

"What's his name?" Mariana asked.

"Leo Andre Mendes." Gabriel looked at her. "Named after the two greatest men in my life."

Mariana looked down. There were tears in her eyes. Virginia hugged her. "You named him after your father?"

"I was. You said I was the light in a dark time." He looked at his son. "I'm not going through a dark time, but he is my everything now."

"See?" Mapi jumped up. "I told you! The minute these little shits pop out, boom! Instantly have us wrapped around their tiny little fingers." 

Alexia looked at the baby. "Welcome to the family Elena, Jess, and little baby Leo." She held up a glass. "Welcome to the chaos." 

Welcome to the family baby Leo! 

What's next for this crazy family? 

Keep reading to find out!

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