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I know we've all missed the craziness of Mariana and Mapi.

The chaos of Leila and Mariona.

The support of Jenni and Alexia.

The love of Lola and Carmen

And the relationship (that's still growing in The Quiet Girl) between Nahikari and Virginia.

Now see it continue.

Through the eyes of their children!

Welcome to,

The New Generation!


Gabriel's POV:

"What is this?"

"Is that?" I looked. "Mom's documentary?" I smiled. "I remember this. This came out right before you," I pointed to Felicia. "were born."

She smiled. "We should watch it." 

"We should." I nodded. "Go get the others."

They all sit down and hit play. 

"My name is Mariana Mendes. Most people know me as a player from Sporting." Highlights showed. "Others, know me as Portugal's captain." More highlights. "But if you ask my family? My closest friends?" She smiled. "I'm just Mari."

October 2039

Dario's POV: 

I saw Gabriel get the match ball and smiled. "Look at you, junior." I walked over. "Following in your aunt's footsteps." 

He laughed. "My aunt is a legend for Portugal. My father was one too. I've got big shoes to fill." He looked at me. "And so do you, Ouahabi." 

"Ouahabi Caldentey." I said. "Get it right."

Maxi's POV:

"Ok nephew." Mariana walked next to me. "You better talk to me or else I will never buy you another birthday gift again."

I shrugged. "When is my birthday?"

"None of us know!" Leila said. "We didn't know you existed until last week cause your mothers are WEIRD!" 

"You are the of the party." Mapi sighed. "Mariona?"

"Nope. That's YOUR best friend." We waited for Dario and Gabriel. 

"My boy!" Mariana ran to him. "I am so proud of you." She looked at Dario. "You play for Spain, leave us." 

He laughed. "Thanks, Aunt Mari." Leila started messing with his hair. "Mom." He sighed. "Seriously? I just fixed it." 

"It's not moving. How much product do you put in this?" 

"Enough." He pushed her hands away. "Shit now I gotta fix it." He took his phone out.

"You still look ugly." I crossed my arms.

"Shut it, Max." 

I smirked. "You guys didn't have to come." Gabriel said. 

"You sound just like Mariana." Virginia smiled. 

"I could've stayed home?" Enzo looked up at mom. Alexia was just mom. Jenni was mama. 

But regardless of what we call them, they are always there.


"Shh." She smiled. 

"You're all invited to our place to celebrate his first cap." Mapi said. 

"We're not celebrating Dario." 

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