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I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Don't kill me!


July 2044

Dario's POV:

I went with Jenni and Leila to find Mapi. 

"GPS says her phone is here." I looked around. "There's nothing here." I sighed. 

"Let's go look." Jenni got out of the car. I put it in park and we all got out. 

"MAPI!" Leila yelled. 

"Call her again, D." Jenni said.

I took my phone out and it rang. "It's just ringing." I sighed.

"Wait." Jenni said. "Do you hear that?" 

We all listened. 

"It's her phone." Leila took off. "MAPI!" 

"Mom!" I ran after her. 


Felicia's POV:

I watched mama pace around. "Aunty Vir?"

"Yes?" She turned to me and smile. She had been crying. I could tell.

"Are you ok?"

"Of course!" She wrapped her arms around me. "Are you?" I shrugged. "What's wrong?"

"What happened to Gabriel?"

"We don't know yet. But Aunty Nahi is here and she went to see how she can help."

"Where's my mom?"

I looked at mama. "She's with Jenni and Leila. They're coming."

Dario's POV:

"Oh shit." I heard Leila. "Jenni! Call for help! Mapi!"

"Mom?" I walked over.

"Dario don't look!"

"Mom I can help!" I looked. "Holy shi-"


"I'm calling!" 

I ran over and took my jacket off. "Come on Mapi." I mumbled.

"What am I telling them!" Jenni ran over.

"She was shot."

"I need help." Jenni said into the phone. "My friend she was shot. I don't know who did it! She's been gone all day! We tracked her phone and just found her! She's bleeding out!"

Caterina's POV:

I saw mama walk over. "Mari." She said. 

"Please tell me something good."

"He's fine. Cut on his head and a broken arm, but he's fine." She said. "They're getting him settled into a room right now. We're keeping him overnight, cause of his head but he's fine."

"Thanks, Nahi." 

"Of course." She walked over to us. "My girls ok?"

"We're fine mama." I said. 

"Good." She smiled and looked at mom. "You guys came to work with me." 

Mom grabbed her hand and kissed it. "I love you."

"I love you too. I've got to get back to work. You girls listen to your mom, ok?" 


She walked off but stopped. "Dr. Garcia!"

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