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oooo only ten chapters and this book already has 1.61k reads!!!

thanks for reading I'm glad you guys like it to thank you here comes youR LASHTON GAY FLUFF!

-dani :-)


All boys got ready changing into black skinnys random band shirts which they all bonded about. Which was good because they all got a bit closer, Luke found out that Michael and Calum could play music and sing but both of them don't really like their voice. The doorbell rang interrupting their lovely conversation about pizza toppings and all boys went down stairs.

Ashton saw his aunt and cousins inside already getting greeted by his mum. "Hey auntie." Ashton greeted. "Well you know Michael and Calum." Ashton said as Michael and Calum introduce them selves, "Yes how are you guys? Is the relationship good?" Both of them nodded then Luke came next Ashton. "Um this is my boy- boyfriend Luke." His aunt looked at Luke and said their simple 'hello's' and 'I'm glad your dating Ashton' type of stuff.

Later on around noon Ashton's whole family was here they got a few new things and activities for everyone to play so it was kinda different this year.

Ashton was right now talking to one of his cousins about her time in college and how her boyfriend soon to be husband was doing. "Hey Ashy." Luke said coming towards Ashton. "Ashy?" His cousin giggled.

"Yeah this is Luke my boyfriend."

"Oh this is the famous Luke I've been hearing of , I'm Stella." She said shaking Luke's hand. "Were going play a few games C'mon your my partner." Luke said grabbing Ashton's hand and giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Ashton blushed since it came out of random and they have never done this before. The only done hug and half holding that's it they never kissed each other on cheek before. Ashton thought he shouldn't think much of it, it was meaningless.

"Okay so were playing the three leg race rope game!" Luke smiled making Ashton laugh because he got the name wrong. The two boys tied their legs together making sure it was tight enough and began walking next to Michael, Calum, and a few of his cousins.

"1,2,3 go!" Ashton's aunt yelled. Ashton and Luke held hands like always. They were in the lead because both were working together but Michael and Calum began to catch up to then which ment they were going win. Luke was very competitive so he began move faster than Ashton which wasn't the best idea.

Luke of course triped on his shoe lace and Ashton's legs got tangled up. This caused ashton to fall on the floor and Luke landing on top of in him. Their face was centimeters away from each other. They both felt each other's hot breath on each others lips.

Luke felt awkward as fuck so did Ashton but they didn't know what to say or even do. "Want to get off me Hemmings?" Ashton asked. Slowly Luke found a way to get up and untied their legs.

"S-sorry I fell um my legs ki- kinda -"

"Luke it's fine. It was a accident."

"I know but I made it awkward and when did I say you can call me Luke?"

"Sorry Hemmings."

"Its fine just um let's play or do something else." Luke said. Rest of the time Luke and Ashton decided to stick was hand holding there was already too much awkwardness and touchiness.

~ The boys were eating pizza with the family and were having small talk about random stuff. Ashton and Luke were happy they didn't ask about their relationship. If they did ask about their relationship they would do their best to answer the questions.

"Hey look your cousins are about to play balloon toss let's play!" Michael said pushing Calum off his lap making him fall on the floor. "Sorry babe but I really want to play." Calum pouted as he picked him up. "Don't be sad I love you." Michael kissed Calum as they walled to getting a red water balloon.

"Hey you want to play?" Luke asked. "Sure let's get the black balloon its like your soul." Ashton giggled. "Whoah whoah, Ashton my soul isn't dark if any one soul is dark its Michaels." Luke pointed at Michael while he was using markers to write his team name in the support gay rights color. "Yes Luke very dark." Ashton smiled walking away filling up their balloon.

~ Luke and Ashton were tossing the balloon back and forward until they dropped it. The only people left was Luke, Ashton, Harry, and his mum.

Michael went behind Luke and Calum went behind Ashton having a little plan of their owns not wanting their friends to win the game. Ashton tossed the balloon while Michael covered Luke's eyes, making him scream when the cold water landed on him.

Everyone laughed including Luke he found it kinda funny, but he knew he had pay Michael back for making him and Ashton lose the game. "Ashton sweetie get Luke one of your shirts." Ashton nodded calling Luke over so he can get a new shirt.

"Okay Luke what kind of shirt do you want?" Ashton asked. "Sleeveless." Ashton payed attention and got Luke a sleeveless blink 182 shirt. "Thanks for making us lose by the way." Ashton teased. "What no! Look! It was Michael fault ! He pushed me!" Luke explained.

"What ever you say lukey." Ashton laughed leaving his room.


"Yeah lukey. Like I call Michael, Mikey. I call Calum, Cal." Ashton explained.

"Sorry but no nicknames." Luke said.

"Its not cause I'm liking you Luke, its fine. Its not like you haven't called me Ashy before."

"Ashy, I've never called you Ashy." Luke said making Ashton laugh. "Oh you were drunk never mind, let's go back outside, Luke."


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