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After Ashton and Luke ate their pizza while watching the Lego movie, Ashton's mum texted him to come home. Luke drove to Ashton's house and said good bye to each other ,and made plans to text each other later on so they can make plans to hang out soon.

"Mum I'm home!" Ashton yelled coming into the house. "Ashton  how was the party?" Ashton mum didn't mind him going to a party only if he didn't get drunk. If he ever got drunk ashton would be dead. "It was okay um I had fun."

"That's good how was the sex with your boyfriend?"

"Mum! I- We didn't not have sex!"

"Well sweetie, you will some day. Your a teenager your hormones and his hormones will go crazy one day and-"

"Mum! Stop were not going have sex, like never!"  Ashton cut his mum off. "Why is that Ashton? Are you waiting till after marriage or what?" His mum asked laughing a little because her sons cheeks were so red at the moment. "Mum I have to confess something." His mum nodded for him to countinue, "Luke he's my fake boyfriend. I was only single one Michael and Calum were teasing me, then I said I have a boyfriend. I met luke and now were fake boyfriend and girlfriend." His mum shook her head. "Ashton you don't need a boyfriend your just in high school. Look I would like to meet this Luke boy someday, invite him to the family barbeque!" Ashton nodded with a smile and hugged his mum before going to his room.

Ashton laid down on his bed wanting to have those little lazy days. He got his laptop and put on Netflix and began to watch how I met your mother. Ashton wanted to finish this humorous show because he was already on last season , almost finding out who the mom is. Ashton got a soda and put it his table next to his bed and covered him self with a blanket.

(lol I'll put no spoilers XD btw what  I'm describing Ashton's feelings is how I felt in the last episode of how I met your mother)

~ Right now Ashton was watching the last ten minutes of how I met your mother , he was crying his eyes out seeing what was going on it was a little happy moment for Barney! Ashton was getting more more emotional because there was so much happy feelings before 'it' happened. "No!" Ashton yelled. "Why the fuck would you do that shit to me! No! No! No! No! There needs be more haply moments!" Ashton cried into his pillow. "I hate the creatators of how I met your mother, yet I love you for making this beautiful shit!"

"Ashton honey are you okay?" His mum walked checking on her son. "Mum I love you." Ashton said whipping away his tears. "I love you too sweetie, are you okay?" By this point Ashton's tears had stopped. "Mum at this point I really don't know." His mum just nodded awkwardly walking away and closed his door. Ashton looked at his phone to see it was 6:45pm and suddenly got a notification from Luke.

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