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Today its been a week since the family barbeque and Luke was still awkward for many stupid reasons. Luke has also been more clumsy. Luke has been very awkward around Ashton for some reason . This kinda annoys Ashton, yet he finds it kinda cute and funny.

Right now Ashton was home alone eating some pizza watching ninja turtles. He was enjoying his day so far. It was a relaxing Sunday which he was enjoying. Something that bothered him was school and how he needed a toutor he need to find one and fast he didn't want to be stuck with a random nerd! The door bell rang so Ashton put down his pizza, paused the TV, and walked to the door.

"Sorry Ash we didn't text we wanted to surprise you." Michael said walking in with Calum following him.,"We wanted have a fun day before we go back to hell." Calum added. "Pizza and ninja turtles with out me, very very rude ." Michael shook his head as he took a seat on the couch with Calum between his legs.

"Anyways we like Luke he cool guy and we want to have another double date on Friday so be ready around 7:00 ish. Make sure Luke is here so we can pick him up." Calum told Ashton which made him smile a little. "How you guys always plan double dates?" Ashton questioned. "Well you have a boyfriend now so its a must."

"Okay I'll text Luke later about the date but what do you guys want to do?" Ashton replied two both of the boys.




The boys suggest "Why not Starbucks." Ashton added. "Okay let's get Starbucks for our little white girl."Michael teased. "White girl?! I'm a guy!!" "Whatever Ash let's get your little drink.

~Finally Ashton was in a car ride that didn't have speeding. Which he enjoyed a little he just missed jamming out to Green Day and Blink 182 with Luke. He would have fun with that, but right now Ashton was in back of the car with the 1975 quitely playing.

He saw Michael and Calum in locked their fingers together and held each others hands. That feeling was the best feeling he's gotten. Right now for some reason he wanted to hold Luke's hand. It was cute how big his hands were compared to the blonds smaller hands.

Ashton decided to go on his phone and scroll threw his Instagram seeing he got a new notification. '@Luke_is_a_penguin is now following you' it read Ashton laughed at the silly user name and followed Luke back.

Ashton was on his phone for a little longer until he finally reached the mall. All boy got out of the car and began walking to hot topic, a store they always went to. "Blink 182 t-shirt or flannel?" Ashton asked. "Both." Calum said. "Dose it look like I have all the money in the world, just choose one." Ashton groaned because Calum can never make up his mind.

"Fine ge-" Calum was interrupted by Michael "-just get the flannel you already have a blink 182 shirt at home."

"Thanks Mikey your actually good at this unlike our friend Calum." Ashton said putting his arms around Calum.

Ashton got the shirt and left the store with his friends. After a while of walking around and going into random stores the boys came to an agreement that they'll rest at the cafeteria.

"You hungry Ash?" Michael asked getting up from the table. "Yeah get pizza since you didn't let finish the one at home." Calum and Michael put his arms in defense and left.

Ashton was waiting at the table patiently till herd someone tell his name. The voice sounded familiar but yet it didn't so he ignored it. But, someone yelled his name again "Ashton!" Finally he gave in and turned around to see Alex from the party.

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