hiiiiiii srry it isn't a update but i want to write a new fan fic and i had a lot. but, i narrowed it down to only three fan fics

so i want you guys to read the idea and comment which is your fav and one with most votes win im getting votes from all books i have published soooooo vote and here are the ideas :-)

Cameron Dallas (straight)

Waking up in his bed - Well let's say I was forced to go to a party, and got peer pressured to drink. Which I enjoyed a little till the next day when I had a huge hungover and woke up in Cameron Dallas bed.

Michael Clifford (straight)

Unexpected - I never expected any of this happen my 'date' never showed up but I ended up with him, Michael Clifford . Little did I know my 'date' and Michael maybe some how had a connection

Louis & Harry (gay) (Larry)

Punk flower crowns -  Harry a boy who very feminine and openly gay, meets Louis a boy who is very punk and not openly gay. Louis and Harry opposites yet some how they are the same.

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