hey guys its dani I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while I've been busy.

Its last month of school v soon and I had exams which I hate so I had to study and shit like that. anyways I'm sorry I haven't updated I'll update soon cuz I'm in 8th grade and its been stressing me out !!

I've been so stressed out and stuff I've haven't even had time to read !!!

but I'm making a YouTube channel and going post my first video v soon!!!! and I'm excited I'm filmed it and everything I'm just starting fresh I'm editing the video tomorrow so yay maybe Ill give you my user if you want to see it also ask me questions I'll leave it below

ask me questions here!!!!

pls ask questions ask anything nothing dirty lol I just want answer a few things so yeah!

Anyways I'll update my stories v soon ily byeeee :-) -dani

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