anyways I want this chapter about the party and such I want there be malum and lashton gay fluff. also maybe some sexual flirting :3


Michael was at Calum's house getting ready together. They just finished their cuddle sesh, and Calum helped Michael dye his hair to a dark blue.

"Mikey I'm going get in shower real quick you get changed, alright?" Calum said taking off his shirt. "No I want shower with you." Michael smirked giving Calum a small kiss on the cheek. "As much as I want to but you already showered and we just did your hair." Calum came up with a random excuse, he wanted shower by himself tonight.

Michael changed into some skinny jeans, a plane white shirt, and his favorite black leather jacket Calum bought Michael for his birthday. Michael went to a different room to put on his shoes, and walked in Calum room. Seeing his wonderful boyfriend fixing his hair.

A few minutes later Calum got out of the shower he put in a pair of black skinnies and opened the door, so Michael can know he is aloud to go inside. Quickly brushing and blow drying his hair, Calum did his hair simple just down. After, Calum put on a gray tank top with one of his favorite bands on it.

"You look handsome, Cal." Michael went behind Calum putting his arm around him. "Not as handsome as you." Calum replied putting a kiss on Michael lips. "I like your new hair kitten." Calum smiled running his hands threw Michael blue hair.

Michael took out his phone and saw it was exactly 7:30. "We should get going and pick up Ashton and Luke."

"Nah its fine Luke is going pick up Ashton so we can leave a bit later." Michael nodded and went to the kitchen, grabbing a water bottle. "So what do you want to do?" Calum asked. "Cuddles!"Michael replied jumping on top of him. Both of them instantly fell on the floor.

"I love you." Calum smiled. "I love you more." Michael smiled back. "Well I love you most." Calum chuckled.

"Well, I love you to the moon and back." Michael place his lips on Calum and had a small make out session. "Fine you win this little I love you fight."

The two boys got up from the floor with their hands entwined together walking to Calum's car on their way to the party.

~ Ashton was getting ready for the party, right now Ashton was looking at what close to wear. It wasn't really had to chose what to wear because mostly Ashton's cloths were skinny jeans, band shirts and a few sweaters.

Ashton grabbed black skinny jeans, with his ripped unicorn shirt. Ashton didn't really care about shirt he wasn't going impress anyone. He put on shoes and messed up his hair a bit. He looked part at the mirror and thought he looked okay. Ashton got a text from Luke saying he was outside.

"Bye mum!"

"Bye Ashton have fun! Don't get too drunk, remember to use a condom!"

"Mum!" Ashton groaned. "I love you too sweetie." Ashton mum yelled. Ashton mumbeled a 'I love you back.'

"Hello Irwin." Luke smiled as he got into the car. "Love the unicorn shirt." He added making Ashton smile. "Hello Hemmings, I like your Green Day shirt, it goes well with your leather jacket"

"Put on your seat belt." Luke said. "Only if you put on yours. I don't want my fake boyfriend getting hurt." Luke groaned putting on his seat belt, and sped off the party.

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