so im lashton af

i thought i should write a fan fiction / teen fiction about them idk what to call it lol
hope you enjoy it, byee


Ashton sat at his lunch table looking at his two friends in front of him. Michael and Calum were holding each other. Giving small pecks to each other every now and then.

To Ashton it was annoying as fuck. Calum and Michael have been dating for almost a year now, and they are always and the cuddley, kiss stage.

Ashton hated it for many reasons, one of them is because they are almost like this 24/7. Sometimes he doesn't mind it because its cute, and that's what couples do to show love to each other. The second reason is because he's the single one, never been in a real relationship. He was in one middle school relationship with a guy named Jason, but of course it was just a dare.

"So Ashton." Michael said interrupting Ashton's thoughts. Ashton looked up at his two best friends who stopped kissing. "When are you getting a boyfriend? You've never had one." Michael giggled. "I agree when are you getting a boyfriend as-"

"-Actually I do have a boyfriend!"Ashton lied.

"Oh really! How is he?" Calum said with excitement wanting know more about this boy.

Ashton stayed quite for a little thinking of what to say. "Well um he's taller than me, funny, and v- very cute."

"Can we see a picture of this guy that your describing?" Michael and Calum asked.

"Why see a picture if you can just meet him!" Ashton told the two boys smiles appeared on their face. "Great! We can have a double date on Friday at the bowling ally?" Calum answered.

Ashton eyes widened he didn't know what he was saying. "Um sure but he-" Ashton got cut off by the bell. "We can talk about this later Ashton, we got get to class." Calum said walking away with Michael.

~Ashton was walking to the nearest Starbucks by his house thinking of what he got himself into. Ashton began thinking of telling the truth, but the first thing that popped in his mind was his friends teaseing him. Ashton had come up with a plan and fast. Today was Wensday and the 'double date' is on Friday.

Ashton walked into Starbucks and getting in line. "Next!" A blond boy said. Ashton looked at him he was obviously taller. He had blond hair in a quiff, and had bright blue eyes. "May I take your order?" He asked interrupting his thoughts. "One grande white choclate mocha, please." Ashton gave the boy a five dollar bill. Ashton looked at his name tag it said Luke.

"I'll take your drink to you, what's your name?" He says with a smile, I had to admit he has a beautiful smile. "A-Ashton." I smiled back I walked to a small table that sits two people waiting for my drink.

~Ashton looked at luke while he was making his drink, Ashton began think what if he's his ideal guy to be his fake boyfriend so he can trick his friends.

"Luke your off your shift!" A man vocie yelled. Luke jumped with excitement, he put a lid on my drink and walked to the table I was at. "Here's you drink Ashton I hope you enjoy the rest of your day."

"Wait!" I yelled running after him outside. "Yes, Ashton." He turned around in confusion. "Even though you may be 100% straight can you please be my fake boyfriend." Ashton said quickly but luke was able to understand him.

"Actually I'm gay, and why do you need a fake boyfriend." The tall boy smirked down at him.

"To fool my friends." I said.

"Well Ashton I need spend a day with you and maybe I'll deside to be your fake boyfriend. How dose tomorrow sound?" Luke asked Ashton. "I have school tomorrow I can't, I-"

"Okay Mr. Good Boy, I'll pick you up what school do you go to?" Luke said smirk once again looking down at Ashton.

"Richroad High School." Ashton answered. "Okay good my school isn't to far I'll pick you up at 3:30 don't be late!"

~Ashton waited outside his school with his friends.

"Aren't you taking the bus?" Calum asked. "Um no my boyfriend is picking me up." Ashton lied.

"Ooo can we meet hi-"

"No Cal, let him get the D" michael winked cutting off Calum. "Discussing, why am I even dating you?" Calum replied. "Because you want my Dick!" Michael giggled. "Shut up guys, you will have sex when you get home. Now leave before the bus ditches you to idiots." Ashton pushed the two boys to their bus.

Once they left Ashton saw a car pull up in front of him. The window went down, and Ashton saw the boy from Starbucks.

"Ashton, ready see if I'm 'boyfriend' material."


Ashton got in the car, while Luke speed off to a house. Luke dragged Ashton into the kitchen, before making him sit down on a chair.

"If I'm going be your 'boyfriend' you must call me Hemmmings."Luke was pacing back and forth before saying "What's your last name?" He added. "Irwin." I answered. "Okay next thing is I flirt a lot and I'm very cheesy, so you must get used to that." After luke said that Ashton just nodded, he was fine with cheesy things, and flirting (only if it wasn't sexual.) " The next thing is you have to do what ever I want." He said with a smirk. "No way! I'm not doing that!" Ashton said walking out. "Guess you have to find a new boyfriend, and who would want to be someone's fake boyfriend espec-" Luke was cutt off by Ashton. "Fine I'll do it alright."

"This must be very important to you, Irwin."

"It is, if that's everything I'm going leave now. Here's my number text me tonight and I'll give you details for our 'doubble date'." Ashton said giving him a small paper with his number on it.Luke nodded and began walk Ashton out the door.

"Oh one more thing." Luke said.

"What is it Hemmings?"

"The last and final rule is no matter what we can not fall for each other."

"No problem, Hemmings.

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