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Ashton texted his mum double checking if she would be fine with him sleepover at Luke's house. His mum said yes since she like Luke a lot so once they heard the okay Luke drove to the place he wanted take Ashton.

Ashton wanted know where they were going since he was driving somewhere that wasn't familiar.

"Luke where are we going?" Ashton asked looking around seeing if he found anything familiar.

"I want show you something it's a surprise!" Luke answered. Luke took a couple of turns before seeing the place he wanted to take Ashton.

"You brought me to the woods." Ashton commented. "Just wait till we get into the woods." Luke said "C'mon follow me." Luke ran into the woods and making sure Ashton was following.

It looked like Luke was following this trail that lead somewhere since Luke was getting more excited when they got more into the woods.

Ashton followed almost tripping over a few rocks and twigs but Luke was there to catch himself. From all the running Ashton stopped and took a small break. Luke turned around seeing his friend wasn't following him anymore, and saw him by a tree.

"Ash we need to go it will be fun!"

"Well you actually run fast for your size." Ashton laughed. "Well you have small legs." Luke smiled poking the smaller boys cheek. "now let's go." Luke began walking next to Ashton "Were almost there by the way."

The two boys began walking next to each other talking about random stuff until Luke said his last direction and they found a big pond and a little porch like walk way on top of the water.

"This looks amazing. It looks peaceful." Luke turned around and saw him going shirtless. "Woah Hemmings." Ashton laughed. "Were going swimming idiot." Ashton looked at him then he saw boy taking off his pants and jumped into the crystal water. "C'mon Ash get in here." Ashton took off his shirt and pants looking around he looked for Luke. He was gone Ashton 'thought' he was swimming,so he jumped in. The water was refreshing not cool at all. "Luke!?" Ashton said looking around seeing if his friend was around.

"Ashton!" Luke yelled pulling him down into the water. Ashton came out of the water and saw Luke standing there in front of him. "I scared you." Luke giggled. "Yeah and now I'm getting you back." Ashton laughed splashing water in his face.

This lasted for a while splashing water into each other's faces and pushing each other into the water. This was fun for both of them they enjoyed being together.

- "Let's get out the water is getting cold." Ashton said. Luke nodded getting out of the water drying him self with towels he had hidden in a box by a tree.

The put on their clothes then Luke laid down on the porch walk way. "So we're laying down now?" Ashton laughed a bit confused. "Yeah it's relaxing look." Ashton laid down next to Luke and Luke scooted closer. Ashton was fine with it because it's he has been this close to Michael and Calum. Ash thought this was normal to do even for Luke and how he acts.

They talked for a bit about the most random stuff and how they were glad they met. They wonder how they hated each other and ended up like this. Ashton shivered a bit.

"Are you cold?" Luke ask. "I'm fine." Ashton replied. "There is blanket in car we can just hang there it's the same thing." Luke said getting up. They walked to the and it was getting dark so they had left just in time.

-"I like looking at the stars from here." Luke said, they were laying on the hood of the car with a blanket wrapped around both of them.

"Yeah it's peaceful." Ashton replied. "No cars, annoying people." he added, "just us alone." Luke mentioned.

After Luke said that Ashton felt Luke wrapped his arms around him. Then grabbed his hand.

Ashton got butterflies in his stomach, he didn't know what it meant! Luke just grabbed his hand and held it with his arm around him. Luke has done this before but why now!? Ashton never felt like this for a guy.

"You okay Ash?" Luke asked. "Ye- yeah just little cold." He lied.

"Well I can fix that." those words came out of Luke's mouth, it made Ashton blush. "What?" Ashton asked.

"Let's go my house my mom is on a trip right now. We can have a movie night, and cuddle you won't be cold." Luke explained.

"Yeah." Ashton smiled hopping his blush wasn't noticeable.

When they left Ashton began think what happens if he broke that rule. Rule number three to be exact.

What if he began to have feelings for Luke...

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