Complaints // malum by babybeancalum
Complaints // malumby babybeancalum
"You complain an awful lot for someone that has it all." "All except one thing," his tongue darts out to wet his lips, his chocolate brown eyes meeti...
  • 5sos
  • cute
  • romance
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Neck Bites and Rough Nights by kawaiihomo
Neck Bites and Rough Nightsby lol oops
"Ready for todays lesson, mikey?" ×××××××××××××××××××××××××××× michael clifford+calum hood smut strong sexual content may contain rough sexual events read at y...
  • lukehemmings
  • calumhood
  • fanfic
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The Princess And The Slave | Ot4 by 5sos_EmoTrash
The Princess And The Slave | Ot4by ♡Lauren ♡
"I just don't get it, you adopted me and Luke as your sub and yet you treat Luke like he's a princess and you treat me like a slave." OR Where Calum and Ashto...
  • sadness
  • ashtonirwin
  • muke
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daddy's little princess ❥ malum [✓] by jtblkhrt
daddy's little princess ❥ malum [✓]by <\3
calum is a single dad, and michael is girly with a daddy kink.
  • calumhood
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • michaelclifford
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Online Therapist || Malum by TommoDelight
Online Therapist || Malumby 𝑒𝓉𝑜𝑜𝓁💫
CalPal: Um...Hi I don't always ask things like this to people..But one of my friends told me to get advise from your website and I am sure you can help me will you? Onli...
  • romance
  • lashton
  • larry
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Best Friend's Father by sparklehaze
Best Friend's Fatherby sparklehaze
Ashton Irwin never expected to fall in love with his son's best friend Luke Hemmings, but that's the funny thing about life. or the one where Luke falls helplessly in lo...
  • calumhood
  • lashton
  • fanfiction
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Kitten~ C.A.L.M AU Michael/Centric (ot4) by peachyhazzy
Kitten~ C.A.L.M AU Michael/ babyZ&H
"What's your name?" "M-Michael." "We're gonna call you kitten?" "Why?" "Your shyness." "Your cuteness." "...
  • mywattyschoice
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • malum
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One Shots (BoyxBoy) by imworthless101
One Shots (BoyxBoy)by imworthless101
Will contain Larry and other ships but mainly Larry. Will contain smut so read at your own risk
  • 1d
  • lilo
  • ziall
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Inked // Lashton  by phander_pride
Inked // Lashton by Asher he/him
When you turn 16, you get inked. Getting inked means you've been matched to your soulmate. Typically, it is one of the biggest days in a person's life. That is no except...
  • calum
  • 5sos
  • soulmates
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5Sos BoyXBoy Oneshots // Requests Open :) by hoodingstrash
5Sos BoyXBoy Oneshots // Marie
Just a bunch of 5sos boy x boy oneshots REQUESTS ARE OPEN Malum Mashton Cashton Cake Muke Lashton Contains fluff, depression, self harm, suicide, mpreg and smut! If you...
  • boyxboy
  • gay5sos
  • 5sosboyxboy
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Snapchat {CH}✔️ by literalloser
Snapchat {CH}✔️by joan
DaymMalumAF has added you as a friend! DaymMalumAF How do you feel about 5sos? Me I don't listen to them? DaymMalumAF So do you ship Malum? --- Cover made by @TheGoner...
  • cute
  • malum
  • calumhood
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i ship us → lashton by ThoseBritishGuys
i ship us → lashtonby :-)
in which luke runs a lashton blog but ashton doesn't know. "secrets i have held on my heart are harder to hide than i thought, maybe i just wanna be yours"
  • hemwin
  • mashton
  • calumhood
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Boyxboy smut by dreamercth
Boyxboy smutby dreamercth
Exactly what the title says ;) your welcome.
  • boyxboysmut
  • fanfiction
  • 5sosboyxboysmut
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11:12 ; Lashton ✓ by lashtonbros
11:12 ; Lashton ✓by haley * :・゚
the one where Luke's a little fuckboy who texts bitches at 11:12, making their wishes come true. book one of the 11:11 series.
  • boyxboy
  • ashton
  • fan
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Konnichiwa || Cake by kelliclashton
Konnichiwa || Cakeby meow
In which Calum is a foreign exchange student and Luke is a bit racist.
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • highschool
  • cakehoodings
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BOYXBOY 5SOS SMUT by safelukey
FINISHED BOOK just some gay stuff involving 5sos give credit if you take my work WATTPAD RANKINGS: #12 Ranking in "Ashton" #22 Ranking in "Luke Hemmings...
  • mashton
  • boyxboy
  • michael
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The Support Group || OT4 by kelliclashton
The Support Group || OT4by meow
In which four boys with very different personalities attend the same support group and somehow find their way into each others lives. Includes some tough topics and trig...
  • mashton
  • trigger
  • gay
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Daft || Malum by GiraffeLegsLuke
Daft || Malumby still low quality
"Don't be daft, Michael," Ashton laughs. "Calum's straight." ⓒ Cover by quantum-fags
  • lashton
  • malum
  • michaelclifford
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You wanna bet?-5sos-ot4 by calumsnuts
You wanna bet?-5sos-ot4by Ihatelife
Calum wears 'girly' clothes and likes to tease his band members a lot, his body becomes the prize to a bet. Girly!Calum Bottom!Calum boyxboy
  • calumhood
  • boxboy
  • muke
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Daddy (5SOS Ageplay) by firetomlinson
Daddy (5SOS Ageplay)by The Queen ♛
Nicola was your average 14 year old girl, until one day 4 band members kidnap her to be their baby. ©firetomlimson
  • ageplay
  • malum
  • pizza
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