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Ashton was getting ready for his little 'date', but he would'nt call it a date. He is just going out with two of his best friends and his fake boyfriend. Ashton put on his black skinny jeans with a black tank top Green Day.He slipped on his shoes and recived a text that Luke was outside waiting for him.

I walked outside opening the car door as Luke drove off. "Better put on your seat belt I don't want my fake boyfriend getting hurt." Ashton put on his seatbelt, "Well if you didn't drive so fast we wouldn't get hurt, Hemmings"

"Don't start with being rude to me because I can always bail on you." Luke smirked. "Sorry." Ashton whispered rolling his eyes a bit. Luke drove faster then they both finally arrived at the bowling alley in one piece.

The two boys walked in and told the lady their shoe sizes, with Luke making fun of Ashton's big feet. They both began walking but Luke stopped Ashton and got his hand and locked his fingers with his. Ashton quickly let go of his hand. "No way, I'm not holding your hand."

"C'mon Irwin, let's fool your friends." Luke held his hand out again. Ashton began think its okay to hold his hand. Girls always hold each others hands, so why cant Luke hold his hand. So Ashton grabbed his hand with a small smile.

~ Ashton quickly found his friends, and walked to them. "Hey guys." Ashton told the two boys. "This is my boyfriend Luke, Luke this Michael and Calum." Ashton pointed at the two boys.

They all sat down at a small table as they munched on popcorn, and waited for their pizza. "So is it fine if ask you guys questions about your relationship?" Calum asked. "Well um you see-" Luke cut Ashton "of cousre, so what do you want to know?" Calum stayed quite then finally Michael whispered something into Calum ear, Calum nodded and whispered back to Michael. "So how did you guys meet?" Michael asked. Ashton gave Luke a worried look, but Luke was the total opposite he was smiling. "Well that's easy, right Irwin!" Luke smiled putting his arm around Ashton shoulder.

Ashton nodded, "Well we met at the movie theater." Luke answered. Ashton gave him a confused look, as he continued. "I was wearing some glasses my friends found 'dorky' in their opinion but Ashton came and said my glasses were cute."

"That doesn't sound like Ashton he's always shy around guys he thinks is good looking or cute." Calum said. Shit. Shit . Shit. Was going threw Ashton's mind. "Next question, I'm only answering 3." Luke said ignoring what Calum had said.

"Have you had your first kiss yet?" Calum asked. "Of course I kissed him on our third date! Irwin here was a little nervous, but I found it adorable."

Calum and Michael whispered to each other thinking of what to ask next until they finally thought of one. "Are you guys in love yet?" They both asked. Luke and Ashton looked at each other then back at them. "Love is a strong word." Ashton told them. "We wouldn't say we love each other ,but we like each other." Luke added.

~"Irwin can you go get change for quarters?" Luke told Ashton. He walked to the coin machine got a couple quarter them to split between them. Calum and Michael were both playing air hockey, while Luke just dragged Ashton to a toy machine.
"So why are we standing here Hemmings?"

"There's a penguin!" Luke cheered. "So, what you want me do?" Ashton reolied. "Win it for me." Luke answers making Ashton roll his eyes. Grabbing the four coins from his pocket pants. Ashton moved the crain around till it finally landded in the penguin. Ashton grabbed the penguin and handded it to Luke. "Here you go Hemmings." Ashton said giving him the penguin. Luke instablly grabbed the penguin and hugged it. 'Not even a thank you.' Ashton thought.

~Ashtons phone made the Iphone notification sound as he pulled it out of his pocket.

mum - Time come home Ashton, I want to meet your boyfriend.

Ashton - you can meet my boyfriend later, please

Ashton didnt want his mum to meet his 'boyfriend'. Like hes not even dating Luke. "Hey luke my mum wants me home."

"You didnt call me Hemmings." luke said.

"Do i have to call you Hemmings?" Ashton groaned. "Luke is your name." He added. "Yes, I know Luke is my name but you have to call me Hemmings. Besides you are my fake boyfriend, and do you also remeber those rules I told you."

" I must call you Hemmings, do what ever you want and i can not fall for you."

"Good boy, now let me take you home."

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