It was already Friday, which was the day of the date. Ashton was actually excited since the week when by slower than usual and since he was busy with school he only saw Luke once since he was helping him with math.

For some reason this date was gonna be different, and Ashton knew that. He took longer to get ready trying to find the perfect outfit to wear.

Since Ashton's clothes are basically the same he wore skinny jeans with velvet sweater and actually fixed his hair up a bit.

By then Luke had rang the doorbell of his house and his mum yelled Luke was there. He came out of his room and saw Luke standing there a bit more presentable. He was wearing skinny jeans and black blink 182 shirt with a leather jacket.

"Hello Lucas."

"Hello Ashton."

-The car ride was usual Luke speeding, they were listing to some music, and this time they were taking about random stuff. It was the same but this time it was different. Ashton saw Luke give him small stares, and almost touching of hands for wanting to higher the music/ changing a song at the same time.

"So the wedding is on Sunday?" Luke randomly said. "You promise you'll come?" Luke added "Yeah I promise." Ashton nodded, "I'm actually nervous." Ashton admitted. "We been on many of 'dates' before, why are you nervous, Ashton?"

"No, I mean the wedding. Haven't been to one in a while, I'm meeting your family, and they are meeting your 'boyfriend'." Ashton replied to Luke, Luke grabbed Ashton hand

"Don't worry." Ashton tensed up a bit but calmed down after Luke rubbed his thumb on his hand. "My family will love you." He smiled. Ashton felt a blush come up his face. Since, Luke has never had a actually crush so Luke awkwardly moved his hand away.

"Um, we're here!" Luke quickly said. "Do you know why we're eating at a Italian restaurant?" Luke asked. "It's where malum had their first date, so warning they'll be extra kissy, and cuddly." Ashton rolled his eyes. "It's annoying." He added.

"Well since your with me maybe we can leave early or-"

"Can't." Ashton interrupted Luke. "they'll get mad and they'll think we aren't in mood for them." Ashton added.

"Okay well let's get all cuddly and look like a couple." Luke said before walking into the restaurant. Ashton looked up at Luke and grabbed his hand as they both walked in to the restaurant.

"Table for how many?" The lady ask in front of the door. "We're meeting up with someone." Ashton told the lady. "One has black dyed hair and the other looks 'Asian'." The lady nodded awkwardly and pointed at the table where you saw Calum and Michael waiting in a booth. 

"Hey guys." Luke said as they walked towards the booth. He let Ashton sit in first then Luke sat next to him.

"Hey Luke, Ashton." Michael said and Calum just replied with a 'hey. '

"So we already order and we got some chicken Alfredo pasta, and some pepperoni pizza, for drinks we got Pepsi. If that's fine with you guys." Mikey had said wanting know if we're (Luke and Ashton) are okay with the food. They both nodded in response and they group of boys began talking about random stuff.

-The double date was was very fun. They were enjoying the time, talking about random stuff, and even had a small secret food fight. The food fight with the pasta and some pepperoni was fun till they got awkward stares from a little kids. They stopped fight and began laughing. Like said before, the date 'was' very fun. The date was maybe messed up by one simple question.

"That little food fight was fun." Michael and claim laughed as Luke and Ashton tried to catch their breath.

"Hey, I have a question for you guys." Calum said looking at Michael. "You want me ask?" Michael said as Calum nodded. Luke and Ashton looked at each other and nodded so they can ask the question.

"How come you guys never kiss?" Michael asked. "You guys hug, hold hands, that's all." Calum added.

The two boys looked at each in edge of freaking out because they (Calum and Michael) didn't know they were fake boyfriends.

"Erm we kiss each other on the cheek." Ashton said.

"We mean lips." Calum said "like this." As Michael turned around and kissed Calum on lips for a few seconds.

"We don't really like PDA." Ashton answered again.

"Well you guys aren't to afraid to cuddle, hold hands, kiss each other's cheeks in public." Calum replied. "Usually couples kiss each other and you gu-"

"You want a kiss?" Luke asked. "We'll give you one."

"Wait wha-" Ashton said quickly and got cut off by Luke gating his face with his hand and crashed his lips on Ashton's lips. Luke began to feel Ashton kiss back and then kiss began to last a few seconds longer they thought it would be. Only reason was because they felt something within the kiss.

They both pulled apart and looked at each other for a few seconds. "Is that the kiss you wanted?" Luke asked.

Srry it's short I'll try update tomorrow but hope you enjoyed

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