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Luke enjoyed Ashton's 'little date', after he dropped Ashton off he just sped home he was already tired as fuck.

Luke lazily walked to his room and thew him self on his bed. Luke phone beeped as he look at he name where the text was from.

Irwin - thanks for coming today.

Hemmings - Your welcome, also tomorrow bring me some pizza and Starbucks.

Irwin - dont you work at Starbucks?

Hemmings - Yes soooo?

Irwin - well since you work there shouldn't you be getting the Starbucks with like a special discount thing?

Hemmings - I know but you are my fake boyfriend.

Irwin - so?

Hemmings - You must follow the rules! You want a fake boyfriend do you?

Irwin - fine I'll bring you the Starbucks and pizza around 1:00 pm tomorrow, bye

Luke clicked his phone off after he saw Ashton's text. Luke put his new penguin on his small chair by his computer, before he took off his close and crawled into bed. (a/n idk how luke sleeps so just imagine he sleeps with sweatpants and no shirt)

~ Luke woke up around 12:00pm, he had exactly a hour to get ready before Ashton came. He walked to the bathroom fixing his hair, putting a blink 182 shirt on, and changed into skinny jeans. He put on a beanie on his messy hair before going back to his bed to use his phone.

The doorbell rung, and luke stayed in his bed.

"Hi I'm a friend of Luke." He heard Ashton's vocie. "Well I'm Luke's mom Liz, Luke should be in his room." He heard his mom reply. Luke opened his door and saw Ashton standing there. "Your early." Luke said. "Ooo five minutes early, such a -" Ashton got cut off by Luke, "Dont be sarcastic with me, Irwin." Ashton rolled his eyes putting the pizza box down and a table by his computer. "I didn't know what kinda of drink to get you so I bought a double chocolate chip. Ashton handed the cold drink to Luke as he enjoyed the food.

"No thank you?" Ashton asked, Luke ignored Ashton as he just munched on his food using his phone. Ashton felt awkward enough just standing there he wanted make a conversation with the boy but he's just be rude.

"I like your posters, you have a good taste in music." Ashton said smiling. "I really like this band!" Ashton pointed at a green day poster. "Yeah I really like their music my favorite song by them is American idiot." Luke got up standing next to Ashton as he looked at the posters.

"Calum and Michael invite us on another date its at a party this Friday, would you want to come with me?"

"Sure." Luke answered.

"Great, maybe yo-"

"But I would like to hang out with you today and also Tuesday, weather your busy or not. Then I'll think about going to the party." Luke smirked. "Your black mailing me!" Ashton yelled. "Maybe I am? Maybe I'm not? But rules are rules." Luke smirked down to Ashton "Now let's go we are going on a cheesy little date to the carnival!" Luke smiled dragging Ashton out the house.

~ Like before Luke drove fast to get to the carnival, "Slow it down." Ashton said he hated how Luke drove like a crazy person. Right now Luke was driving exactly 75mph when the speed limit is 35mph. "Dont tell me how to drive irwin your safe in my hands." The two  arived at the carnival pretty quick because of Luke's crazy driving.

"okay if i had a boyfriend i would take him here, I like to do cheesy things." Luke giggled. "But im not your boyfriend." Ashton stated stopping infront of Luke. "True! But you are my fake boyfriend." Ashton sighed as luke walked away into the carnival. "Okay your paying for tickets, games, and food." Luke added. "Do i like like a money tree to you? I only have 88$, your the one with the job shouldnt you pay!?" Luked smiled as Ashton said that. "I know but you must-'' ashton rolled his eyes "I know if i dont follow the rules I cant have as a fake boyfriend, Lucass."

"Oh irwin your going regret calling me that." Luke smirked down at the short boy. "What are you going to do about it, Hemmings?'' Ashton asked trying not to be scared of Luke. "You will see, Irwin







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