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Ashton was in his room right now getting ready for Michael, Calum, and Luke to sleepover. Today was the day before the barbeque. His mum thought it would be easier if the boys sleptover and his mum left the house for the night so the boys would be loud and crazy all they want. Right now Ashton was getting some movies out like White Chicks, Lego movie, big hero six, and mean girls since it was Luke's favorite movie.

The doorbell rung and saw it was Luke, Calum, and Michael standing in front of the door. "Hey Mikey, hey Cal, " as the two boys walked in holding hands like usual. "Hello tall one." Ashton giggled. "Hello little one." Luke smiled giving each other a hug since they were still each others 'boyfriends.'

"Did you know Michael and calum kiss a lot?" Luke ask Ashton walking to the living room. "Well welcome to my world, Hemmings."

"Um I have movies and video games in my room if you want to watch movies right now." Everyone wanted watch movies right now, so all the boys did was get some popcorn, pizza, drinks, blankets, and a few pillows.

As they were walking up the stairs luke called Ashton aside. "Um how is sleeping arrangements working, because I know Calum and Michael are going to cuddle on the floor. There isn't much room on the floor so i-"

"-Just sleep on my bed its fine, Lu- Hemmings."

They walked up the stairs into Ashton's room setting up some things for their movie night. Putting a few blankets on the floor and pillows for Michael and Calum. "Okay um what movies do you guys want to watch?" Ashton held out the three movies and they all voted for mean girls.

Michael and calum got all cuddled up on the floor holding each others hands, legs tangled together, and  Calum head on Michael's.

Luke and Ashton got on the bed and just held each others hands that's all nothing much. At the moment Ashton and Luke are like best friends even though they have only know each other for about a month they just hold hands and stand close to each other. They act like a couple around Michael and Calum, but when they aren't with them Luke and Ashton just play video games, bond over music like normal friends do.

Through out the movie Michael and Calum gave each other kisses and the two other boys will just yelling at them to stop and watch the movie. They hated how they kissed each other too much.  Ashton and Luke were doing the same thing the whole thing all they were doing was holding hands. The whole time. Ashton would try let go because his sweaty hands Luke would let go. Ashton decided to ignore it and just watch the movie. With his best friends and 'fake boyfriend.'

~ The next morning Michael and Calum were on the floor all cuddled up, and Luke was on the edge of the bed. "Wake up." Ashton said poking Luke's side. "What the hell do you want I'm tired." Luke grumbled. "I want eat before my family comes over and I don't want go alone with the love birds." Luke groaned got up and walked to the kitchen with Ashton.

"I'm going make a omelet what do you want in yours?" Ashton said getting a few cooking supplies out.

"Oh surprise me Irwin." Luke smirked as Ashton looked away quickly. "So um I was wondering if maybe when my family comes over to act more couple like?" Luke looked up quickly at Ashton, "You mean by?" Ashton turned the oven off adding a few more things to the omelet.

"Like be more cuddly of you want or l-like um-"

"Oh I know how!" Luke did a smile smirk before walking towards Ashton.

"What are yo-"

"Trust me Ash."

Ash? No has called Ashton Ash this was first time someone called him that. Luke went behind Ashton putting his arms between his arms. Which made Ashton tense up from Luke touching his tickled spot, then put his on Ashton's head since he was short. "Hi I'm Luke Ashton's boyfriend."

"Or we can do this?" Luke left Ashton's arms before showing him something else. "We can do this." He held his hand and pulled him close. "This is better." Ashton said. "Just eat your food." He added.

Michael and Ashton later came down to eat their food then went upstairs to get change for the famliy barbeque.

All Ashton had in his mind was what were people going to think of Luke as his 'boyfriend.'

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