The kiss felt like it lasted a while; in reality it was probably 6 seconds. Ashton felt those sparks those amazing sparks. He got those butterflies in his stomach and the warmth of Luke's lips on his made him want kiss him more and more.

Ashton wasn't the only one that felt those lips, sparks, butterflies, and the warmth on Ashton's lips. Luke had felt that too he was the one that wanted to put more passion to that kiss; even though it had a lot of it.

Their lips went apart, and the two boys looked at each other for a while. "I u-um Ashton." Luke was about say something when the song ended and the room filled with claps from people who were dancing. "I'm sorry." Ashton said quickly running away from Luke.

-Ashton's POV-

Why the fuck did I do that? What did I do? Fuck! Did I just ruin a friendship? Were the questions running through my mind.

He didn't reply, he didn't look at me the same. That's what made me run away I didn't want to know the truth of what Luke thought of me. So much for a fuck it moment.

All these thoughts were in my mind at the moment. Here I am alone on a wedding night, sitting on rock, and with festive lights hung everywhere. Still thinking of stuff and regretting things I'm playing with my fingers.


I turn around and saw Luke standing there. "Oh god I thought you left." I heard him mumble.

"Luke, I didn't mean for that happen."

"Ashton, do you like me?"

I got a bit red with the dim lighting Luke couldn't notice. Yes, I did like Luke I kissed him and I felt something the thing was I don't know if Luke felt something.

"I don't know." That was a lie.

"What do you mean? It's a yes or no." Luke replied.

I stayed quiet I didn't want tell Luke that I like him. He doesn't like me and that kiss probably meant nothing to him.

"Luke I -I it's just I kinda felt something in that kiss. The first and second one the kiss felt good. I don't know if I like you. Actually I do it's just I-"

Luke walked quickly to me and then put his lips harshly on mine. It happened so quickly and harshly yet it had so much passion. Luke put one of his hands on my face; then bought Luke then pulled me closer to him. I felt those butterflies and sparks I felt a while ago.

"I feel like kissing you is the only way to shut you up." Luke said after letting go of that passionate kiss. "If you don't like me it's okay, and if you do congratulations cause I like you too."

"Luke,I like you."

"That's the answer I was looking for, Ash."

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