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Ashton woke up confused where he was at, he wasn't at home, wasn't in his room, wasn't in Calum's or Michael's house, but then small memories began flow back. Ashton was in Luke's house, Ashton went to the kitchen to get a glass of water before walking into Luke's room. He opened the door and saw Luke playing a video game.

"Finally your up Irwin." Luke smiled.

"Um yeah, could you take me home I bet my mum is worried sick about me." Ashton said with a little bit of worry in his voice. "No need for that your mum called last night, I told her your sleeping over." Ashton sat down on Luke's bed. "I'm kinda hungry can we go out, and maybe we can get to know each other more?" Ashton asked. "Sure!" Luke said quickly with a smile.

Ashton was surprised by Luke answer he thought would say 'no.' or blackmail him to do something so they can go out.

Luke and Ashton put on their shoes and walked out the door. They both got into Luke car putting on their seatbelts, well Ashton put on his seat belt Luke didn't even bother put his on. "Make sure not to speed like usual." Ashton said. "No promises." Luke said speed out the driveway.

Ashton saw a cord that connected to the rado, he grabbed it plugging it into his phone. He scrolled threw his music till he found the song American idiot by green day.  Ashton highered the volume to get a better listen to it.

"Oh my fucking gosh Irwin!!!!" Luke screamed. "You have a good taste in music I love Green Day!!" Luke added making Ashton laugh. "Finally I've met someone with good music taste." Luke smiled.

Ashton was laughing how Luke was reacting to his music taste. He kept on humming along and screamed the lyrics out loud as Ashton Quigley sang along. The day had just started and Ashton was enjoying his time with Luke.

~ The two boys arrived at a small breakfast dinner they both sat down in a booth table eating their breakfast. Luke ate his smiley face pancakes while Ashton stocked with his omelet.

For some reason Luke wanted to be nice to Ashton, he wants to get to know this guy. Luke thought if he was going be nice maybe, just maybe, they could be friends.

Luke paid for breakfast and then he sped off to the mall. "Where do you want to go?" Luke asked. "Hot topic they have good band shirts there." Ashton answered as they walked to hot topic. 

They arrived at hot topic looking around seeing superheros , and some popular TV shows merch. Ashton was being a small little nerd with Luke blabbing about his favorite superheros. Then they went to the bracelet rack where they have verities of bands, superheros, and TV show brackets. The two boys talked about their favorite music taste, and TV shows it kinda seemed like they have a lot in common. Looking around a bit more they went to the back of hot topic to find their favorite band t-shirts. Finally after they finished looking around they paid for new t-shirts, a bracelet for each of them they left they went looking for another store.

"So name a few bands or artist you like?" Luke said walking next to Ashton looking for a new store to go to.

(btw the ones of I'm saying for ashton, and luke are some of my fav artist/bands) "Well I could name a long list but I mostly lissten to Nirvana, All Time Low, You me at six." Ashton replied to Luke. "What about you, Hemmings?" Ashton added.

"What about me?" Luke smiled. "Like your favorite artist or bands?" Luke nodded his head staying quite for a bit. "Like you I love Nirvana, but I also like The Killers, and Fall Out Boy."

"Good taste in music Hemmings." Ashton smiled,

"You too Irwin, you too."

"Anyways um Hemmings, Michael is inviting us to a party this weekend I was wondering would you-"

"- to be your fake date. Of course I'll go Irwin." Luke smiled looking down at with Ashton smiling back.

~Ashton and Luke's day was going well! They both learned a few new things about each other.

For example Luke learned that Ashton loved music his whole life. Ashton is sometimes a little nerd with his obsession with music and superhero movies. Ashton's favorite food is spaghetti. Also that Ashton can play the drums, guitar, a few other instruments, and even writes his own music sometimes.

Ashton learned that Luke has a strange obsession with penguins, and music. For some reason Luke is amazing with math. Just like Ashton he sings a little, he can play guitar, and also writes music.

They both learned a little about each other , yet the felt like they have know each other more than 5 days. Maybe this was going be a good friendship they both though, but maybe they were wrong....

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