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Luke was right , Ashton did regret calling him Lucass , luke was treating ashton like a little dog.  Telling him to do more things than usual, making him get on rides he hated, and he made ashton waste half of his money to win luke a big stuffed penguin.

"Here you go sir. " the old man handing Ashton a 4ft stuffed penguin. "Now enjoy rest of your day with your boyfriend."  He added. "Were not dating." Ashton responded. "Sorry ." thean apologized as the two boys left.

"Why did you say that I am your boyfriend." Luke smirked for the millionth time that day. "No your my fake boyfriend, and can you take me home now I'm feeling sick because the carnival food." Ashton groaned. Luke nodded as he once again drove away speeding which was not helping Ashton's upset stomach.

Luke drove a little more as he reached a Walmart. "Um why are we here? I wanted go home." Ashton said with a frown. "Well 'boyfriends' always make each other feel better so why can't I make you feel better." Luke answered as he climb out of his car leaving Ashton alone in his car.Waiting in the car Ashton plug in his phone to the radio and began to play Hold On Till May.

Ashton's phone vibrated seeing a text from Calum .

Asian kid - Michael and I want to invite you and luke on a date this Saturday it's at a party, you in?

Ashhh- idk I would need ask Luke.

Ashhh- and a party, with people ew!

Asian kid - C'mon it will be fun :)

Ashhh- whatever i'll ask luke in a bit, bye

~ Luke walked into Walmart getting some pain killers, soup, drinks, and pop corn hoping he could have a movie night with Ashton. Luke thought it would be nice since he made him pay for the whole carnival, and he began feel bad. Luke quickly paid for his things and walked outside till he found his car.

"Were having a movie night at my place, alright." Luke said climbing into his car. "Wait I don't want go your place I want to lay down, and take my medicine." Ashton complained. "It will be fine I have a bed and couches you can lay on, I bought you some medicine, some soup, drinks, and popcorn. " Luke smiled , as ashton looked confused wondering why Luke was being so nice.

"I was thinking of having a movie night." Luke smiled. Ashton nodded as he tried make him self cozy in luke's car. Luke drove off fast and got to his apartment. Luke made the soup and pop corn, and gave Ashton his medicine. "So were watching the Lego Movie, Mean girls, a batman movie!" Luke smiled as he sat down next to Ashton. Ashton was laying down enjoying the movies while luke was sitting next to him. Slowly he found him self falling asleep.

Luke saw Ashton's phone ring as his phone read 'mum

"Hello, Ashton its time to come home sweetie." Luke smiled as he heard his mum call him sweetie.

"Hi Mrs. Irwin this is Luke, Ashton's boyfriend. Ashton isn't feeling well and he fell asleep while we were watching movies. If you want I can wake him up and -"

"No Luke its fine , if Ashton is ill he needs his rest. If isn't too much to ask is it fine if he sleeps over at your place?" Ashtons mum said cutting him off.

"Of course its fine!" Luke answered.

"Great thank you, make sure tell Ashton I say I love him." She said before she hung up.

Not wanting to wake Ashton, Luke slowly pulled off his shoes and socks. Then tossed a blanket on top of him. Luke turned off the TV and lights before walking into his room. Luke was in a cuddle mood but he didn't want to cuddle with someone he just met one week ago. Luke thought it would be awkward, besides Ashton was sick Luke didn't want to be getting sick too. So Luke just changed into pajamas and fell asleep on his bed, both boys had no interruptions because Luke's mom was at work (which is out of town.) Falling asleep Luke began to wonder what would him and his fake boyfriend be doing tomorrow.


So luke and Ashton went on a carnival little date! So I'm thinking chapter five they would just relax and later be on their owns, like usual ashton would be with calum / Michael and luke will be on his own.

On chapter six or seven it would be when the party takes place, and that's when Lashton gay fluff will begin. (maybe some malum too)


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