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oh yeaa the side pic killed me so i decided to share it lol


Ashton pulled Luke up dragging him to the front of the house. "Why the fuck are you so heavy?" Ashton mumbled to himself. He picked up Luke and put him over his shoulder. Ashton was walking slowly cause all the wieght Luke was putting on him. Ashton was finally by Luke's car , Ashton suddenly felt a finger poking his sides.

"You ticklish Ashy?" Luke giggled as he continue to poke Ashton sides. "Actually I am now give me your keys so we can go home."  Ashton put Luke down as Luke got his keys and lazily gave them to Ashton. "Sit in the back. I'm driving."

"Ashy im 18 years old and I got drunk!"

"Luke thats not to good."

"Yes its awesome maybe we can go to more parties!" Luke repled. "Also don't talk to boys at parties their little sluts!"

"You can't tell me what to do Luke your my fake boyfriend." Ashton mumbled. "Your mine, all mine." Luke whispered which confused Ashton because he hasn't know this boy for a month yet, and he calls his fake boyfriend 'mine.'

~Luke was in the back giggling about random jokes and cheesy pick up lines. "Oh I have a amazing idea." Luke got his hands and covered Ashton's eyes, making Ashton scream. "Luke! Get your hands away from my fucking face!"

Once Luke heard a few honks and Ashton began to swerve a bit he removed his hands. Ashton was annoyed already so he drove to the nearest gas station and put the car in park.

"Luke I'm trusting you go to the front, alright."

"Call me Hemmings!"

"Okay 'Hemmings' come to the front and don't annoy me." Luke just giggled crawling to front and put his seat belt on. "Remember the rule Irwin. No falling in love." Luke said poking Ashton's cheek, which made Ashton more annoyed of Luke.

After driving for a little Ashton drove Luke too his house. He got his car keys which had Luke's house keys there too and opened the door to the house. Luke just walked to one of the small couches and basically passed out there under a minute. "What the fuck did the give you." Ashton muddered putting his shows in a corner and looked for two blankets.

Ashton slowly took off Luke's shoes and put a small blue blanket on top of him. Ashton simply took of his shirt, turned on the living room fan, then got a blanket and fell asleep on a couch next to Luke.

~ Luke woke up with a major head ache, he was a little confused as the memories from last night came back. "I'm going kill Calum and Michael." He groaned under his breath.

Luke looked around seeing Ashton asleep. He looked at the clock and saw it was exactly 10:00 am. Ashton was snoring loudly which made his headache worst by the minute.

Luke poked Ashton till he woke up. "What do you want?" Ashton mumbled turning around. "Don't snore its making my hangover worse."

"Well its not my fault you drank a lot." Ashton got the blanket and covered his head trying fall back to sleep. "Don't blame me blame your friends they gave the drinks. The-" "- but who the one who freaking drank them!" Ashton cut off Luke which made Luke cover his ears a bit. "Just get me medicine." Luke angrly said laying down back on the couch. Ashton stayed on the couch ignoring Luke. "Please get me medicine." Luke repeated.

Ashton groaned quietly and got up, Luke strangely looked at Ashton, wondering why he was shirtless and why he had such a attractive body? Minutes later Ashton came back with two white pills and some water. "Here take this I'm going back to sleep I'm tried and I'll try not to snore." Luke nodded taking his medicine and did the same, because Luke mom said if he ever got hungover. 1.) His mum will yell at him no matter how much it will hurt his head, and 2.) Get lots of rest.

So Luke just got a pillow and went on his phone for bit before going to sleep for another hour or so.

Waking with the smell of pizza is what woke up Luke. "Thanks for bringing the pizza Mikey, and for eating four slices of it."

"Hey just be holy I bought you and your little boyfriend pizza. Now if you excuse me Calum is waiting in the car with movies and we want to have a cuddle day." Ashton rolled his eyes shutting the door and locking it.

"Hey Hemmings, I got pizza." Luke rubbed his eyes feeling his massive headache had gone away just a bit. "So what's a cuddle day? I heard you and Michael talking having one with Calum."

For Michael and Calum it was right in the name you just cuddle all day watching movies. But in Ashton's opinion it was something else (nothing dirty.)

"Well they just cuddle all day but for me its something else." Ashton answered sitting down next to Luke. "What like sex." Ashton just laughed. "No! Like making a home made pizza having a small flour war, then I'll get a little cold so I can barrow the guys sweater. We can just lay down listen to music and talk then after just have a little movie night. Maybe we can fall asleep laying down cuddled with each other." Ashton just blushed just thinking about it.

"Maybe one day I'll find that guy who do all that with me." Ashton added.

"Maybe you will, and that guy will be very lucky to have a guy like you." Luke responed which confused Ashton a bit. "You really think that guy will be lucky to have me?" Luke nodded, "Ashton I've only know you for about a week or so and you are boyfriend material, unlike me." He laughed. "Its okay Hemmings you find him one day too, and he will be lucky have a boyfriend to annoy the hell out of him."

"Your Alright Irwin."

"You too Hemmings."



this is just a filler I promise next chapter wi be longer and better!

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