Two months later...

Lacy smiled brightly as she looked in the mirror and saw her face glowing with healthy life. "Must be a pregnancy thing", she giggled delightfully. She rubbed her large tummy and smiled wider just as the doorbell rang. "Who could that be?"

Lacy briskly walked to the door in her long purple gown and opened the door without a thought and paled at the sight before her. Marcos stood there in dark denim jeans with a white stenson and brown boots.

"Hello Lacy", he said with a cheesy smile and tipped off his hat, "May I come in?" Lacy stepped back, "Thanks again for letting me stay here. . . ", she started. Marcos laughed, "Well my child needs a home right?." Lacy laughed shyly, "Well . . . It was necessary. . . " Marcos rolled his eyes "well can you at least do me a favor?"

Lacy shook her head, "Dont ask. I already can tell what youre about to. Lets go explain it."

* * *

Jay sat at his desk looking over documents from M&M models. "I don't know how she kept up with all of this", he sighed running a hand through his black hair.

Just then Darla walked in with a short maid dress. Jay looked up at her and back down again. Margret and the girls moved out after they heard what Jay had done to Lacy, since he told them the whole story. And Darla had grown restless, trying to seduce him all hours of the day and night.

"Darla just leave Mrs.Colter is very picky and I need to concentrate", Jay growled. 'Lacy wouldn't be like this', he thought, 'she would be helping me and bringing me coffee.' Darla huffed, "Work work work and no play I'll just go to the thirsty horse and pick me up a hunk. How bout that?!"

He scribbled a few colors down, "Be my guest take your damn things with you."

Two hours later the door slammed and Jay laid his head down, he missed Lacy so much.

* * *

Lacy sat down in the living room after being smoothed with hugs kisses and concerns. She squeezed Marcos's hand and sat across from all three of them. She began to explain.

"When Marcos was dating Jaime back in High School. Few months in to their relationship be realized that he found guys attractive as well. Of course back then we all know that type of thing was not accepted. And when he started developing feelings towards Chet. It was going downhill," Lacy sighed and continued.

"When Chet and Marcos got high together all the time it was okay cause Marcos was in control. But when they bought some laced stuff... Marcos lost it."

Marcos was sitting with his head in his hands, trying not to look at Chet or Jamies confused looks. So Lacy carried on, "He kissed Chet. Well... made out with Chet. And when he got off his high and realized what he did. He swore me to secrecy and bolted out of town. Because he realized he wanted Chet."

Jaime and Chet sat there with slack jaws. "Gay?', they asked in union looking at him. He smiled, "You'd think you people would have noticed, I love going shopping I never touched Jaime never had a girlfriend execpt her come on guys!"

"Why didnt you ever tell us these past couple months?" Jamie demanded.

Marcos looked ashamed, "Lacy has far more credibility with you guys than i do. I gave her the burden of keeping this secret. Im sorry."

Complete silence.

Chet stood up, and Marcos braced himself for the blow.

But instead Chet cupped his face, and kissed him smack dead on the mouth.

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