Jaime walked farther into the house looking around while holding the pistol to her side with both hands. “Darla”, she sung out loudly. The sound of tired rapid breathing could be heard, so Jamie listened carefully.

She slowly walked into the kitchen and the breathing increased in volume.

The pantry!

Jaime whipped around.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

* * *

“She’s in a coma, chances are she won’t come out of it”, Dr.Russ said to Margret after the had settled into his office.

She looked down at her lap, blinking away threatening tears, “What are the chances?”

He gnawed on his bottom lip, “Very slim. She doesn’t have the drive she needs to, to get out of it. She thinks her baby is dead, and that Darla killed her. And from what I remember as a teenager she confessed Jay was all that mattered. Correct?”

Margret nodded slowly.

Dr.Russ sighed, “Then she believes there’s nothing to live for if she believes he tried to kill her”, he grew nervous, “I think Jay should see her.”

Margret lifted her eyes to his, they spoke volumes.

“It’s proven that people in a coma can hear some things while in that state, if Jay spoke to her maybe she’d have the drive!”

“I don’t know doctor . . . “, she obviously wasn’t on board. But the doctor had his ways.

“Margret do you want your niece to never see the great mother she has?” Margret looked up at him worriedly, “What if he pushes her over the edge?”

Dr.Russ leaned forward, “What if he pulls her from it?”

Margret sighed, “Why not? But if he pushes her to the edge. . . “

“Sheriff Balboa will remove him immediately I promise”, he reassured her.

She still looked hesitant but she didn’t have time to respond when the head nurse rushed in and had a giant smile on her face. “She’s ok! Lacy’s baby is ok!”

Margret then realized if Lacy didn’t make it they’d charge Jay with murder and this baby would have no one. She looked at the doctor, “Bring him in, but first I want to see my baby niece.”

Dr.Russ led her to a quiet room with a clear case on a white table hooked up to a heart monitor. Margret stepped up o it and smiled for the first time all week. The baby girl had ice blue eyes like her fathers and red curls too identical to her mothers. “She’s going to make it?”, Margret asked Dr.Russ.

He nodded, “This one’s a fighter she is.”

Margret cooed at the little baby who’s eyes blankly stared around the room.

“I want Jay to see her first before Lacy”, Margret instructed still looking at the baby. Then something struck her, “Maxilina. That was my mother Lacy wanted to name her first girl that.”

Dr.Russ smiled, somehow everything was going to work out

* * *

Jay didn’t even notice he was hauled into the police car and out of it into the hospital only when Dr.Russ spoke to him did he realize where they were.

“Jay you have a little red head waiting.”

Jay’s eyes snapped to him full of hope. Dr.Russ smiled, “This way Jay.”

Jay was lead to the same room that Margret was, not really knowing the significance of it. Till he say the name tag I Maxilina Everheart I. He ran to the case staring down at the little girl with wide eyes.

“3 pounds 2 ounces 16 inches long.” Dr.Russ announced with a smile.

“She’s beautiful”, Jay whispered in awe. Then the baby opened her eyes.

Jay was awe struck for a moment, this was his kid no one had eyes like that except his mother and himself. “Maxilina”, he breathed.

Margret was at the doorway just coming from Lacy’s room. “Her mother needs your help Jay”, she said seeing her brother stiffen at the first sound of her voice. “She doesn’t need me I out her in here. I pretty much killed her, emotionally and having my crazy ex girlfriend shoot her and almost kill my beautiful baby girl.”

“Darla’s sick she could have burst any day. Lacy’s a fighter we all know that but, she thinks a world without you isn’t a world she wants to live in. Go talk to her Jay in a state of coma she will have no choice but to listen to you. It may help her fight again.”

Jay’s eyes darkend with sadness and self loathing. “What if it doesn’t work? What if she’s already too far gone?” He clutched the side railing and turned his head to Margret. “What then? I don’t know anything bout kids Marge and a life without Lacy…” He closed his eyes and turned back to Maxilina. The thought was too much to bear.

Margret walked into the room and rubbed her brother’s back, “Don’t you want this baby to know her mother? All you have to do is try.”

Jay looked at her and sighed, “I’ll try.”

* * *

Jaime held her bleeding shoulder and looked at the pantry door with two holes in it. “Damn bitch has good aim”, Jaime said walking to the pantry door and opening it.

“Oh shit”, she breathed.










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