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She's where", Jay asked, breathless. On his weekly call to his sister  and she had mentioned she saw Lacy at the park,  round and happy sitting with Marcos.

"Is she okay? Did you talk to her? Is she staying long?", questions fell from his mouth in a rush, without him even noticing.

Margret was on the other side of the line looking at Lacy with wide eyes as she walked into the room hearing Jay on speaker. "Jay. . . I'll -I'll call you back." She hung up the phone not hearing Jay's pleas all that clearly.

"Lacy . . ."

Lacy smiled shyly knowing Margret's eyes were on her stomach, "Hey Margret nice to see you."

"Oh, Lacy!" she ran and hugged Lacy so tightly Lacy squirmed out of her arms feeling the baby kick at the force on her stomach. Margret felt it and eased back staring at Lacy's stomach in awe, "Oh my Lacy he's kicking!" Lacy met Margret's eyes slowly and said, "I cant let this lie go on Margret. The truth is this is Jay's baby and I'm going to tell him tonight. Ive actually been back for about a month, and its time i stop running."

Margret's eyes filled with tears, "Truly? Oh my goodness gracious Lacy why would you lie about something like this? Jay has been driving himself harder than ever since you've been gone.He's gone off the deep end!"

Lacy looked down in shame, "He doesn't want me, he likes being alone. I'm just a little orphan nothing special."

Margret shook her head, "You are everything to him Lacy don't you know that?"

Lacy eyes locked out any emotion, she could not dare hope.

Margret shook her head again, must she play cupid all the time. "Go see him tonight honey doll go buy something nice." Lacy looked hesitant still.

"It'll be fine he's a good guy when he isn't snapping at people."

Lacy smiled, " What can I lose right?" Rather than your dignity, child, pride etc etc her mind said.

But Lacy ignored it and followed Margret into the living room where she was greeted by shrieks and hugs from Luna and Sol

* * * 

Jaime sat at the house with Marcos and Chet drinking straight whiskey. Chet was on his third and Marcos was still sipping on his first.

The kiss didn't do anything except send the boys and Jaime straight to the bottle. Marcos felt guilty but he sat there quietly as they drank away but Chet was sneaking secret glances at Marcos.

Love? He loves me?

Chet thought as he studied Marcos's still body and red eyes. Chet felt a pang of guilt for just pulling away from Marcos and sharing a bottle of liquor with his sister. Suddenly, Marcos stood up and slowly walked out the door softly closing it behind him. Chet wished he had slammed it, knocked it off his hinges. Or yelled at him till he couldn't breath. Because if he had done either Chet wouldn't know Marcos was hurting as much as he was on the inside.


Meanwhile Lacy was at Margret's house just finishing her makeup for tonight. She stood back and looked at herself in the mirror. The dress she had on flowed in a sort of twirl looking like dark red fire bringing out her eyes and hair. She wore little makeup but the blush made her cheeks look a light rose pink. She had  red flats on and the diamond necklace Jay gave her all those years ago when he said he had loved her. When he had lied. Lacy was begining to have second thoughts, and her gut comfirmed them but she gatherd up all the courage she could muster.

"I can do this", she whispered, "He'll listen. I know it." With that she kissed Margret goodbye and walked out the door, feeling just a spark of hope.

Jay meanwhile was leaning back in his office chair as Darla sat on his lap smoking a 'cigarette.' "You know Jay I think Lacy shouldn't be in contact with you any more", she smiled, "I'll take care of the annulment for you sweetheart. You won't have to deal with that little child again. How's that?" Jay didn't care anymore he didn't even listen to Darla, "Sure. Do whatever." Darla smiled wickedly and kissed Jay deeply sending shivers of disgust through out his body.

The doorbell rang.

Darla knew who it was Margret had left a message earlier for Jay but Jay had been drinking himself into a slumber.

"I'll get it Darling", Darla purred standing up and grabbing Jay's pistol from the drawer. Jay just stared blankly into space not paying attention to her still. Darla took the safety off; she had just enough of this girl in the way off her happiness no one will come between her and Jay.

 Darla swung the door open pointing the gun straight at Lacy who looked shocked and frightened. "I made it clear enough didn't I?", Darla said, her voice like ice. Lacy swallowed and made no movements. But Darla did she used her heel an shoved Lacy off the porch steps. Lacy fell with a loud thud and clutched her stomach in agony. "He doesn't want you Lacy. He made it clear enough didn't he. Dont you think with his resources he would have sent someone for you by now? That he at least would have looked for you himself? Dont you think he wouldnt have thought it was Marcos's kid? That you could betray him like that?", Darla smiled., "He wants you gone. Bye bye from Jay."


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