Back in time by autumn_hapiness
Back in timeby autumn_hapiness
Ever since an accident that made her lose her memory for 3 whole months , Minori became one who never believed in the supernatural . Most certainly not time travelling...
  • travelling
  • time
  • autumn
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Beautiful Boys Club by dirtyworksowen
Beautiful Boys Clubby Owen
After loosing his mom in a mysterious way, Elia moves to another city to live with his grandparents. His life at school still is the same as the one back home, he gets j...
  • best
  • highschool
  • romance
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The Love Triangle by katkitcatmeow
The Love Triangleby Kat Kit
I just don't miss her, thought Carmen. He was only fifteen and going into highschool for the first time. He didn't need his drama to follow him. But Kyra worried about h...
  • fiction
  • summer
  • 2018
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Shraman SS-Marriage Tales by SleepyPsychoWrites
Shraman SS-Marriage Talesby Mitali
A married Shraman with their daughter Khushi have to face a little distance as it is Preeti and Pushkar's marriage and Sumo has to stay at Tiwari Killa for 2 weeks.Let's...
  • hapiness
  • fluff
  • married
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The lost soul by tinyboxsam01
The lost soulby Luna rose
Jack is a ghost. He is lost. He is permentally at stuck in a home. When mark moves in and is able to see him. Will he fall in love for a human?
  • manxman
  • supernatural
  • pride
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·Broken Soul· by Lovelyy-Jackson
·Broken Soul·by Dai_Jackson
[WARNING]: This story is 18+ PLEASE keep in mind that this story will be more graphic and VERY adult themed that aren't appropriate to some of you young readers. * Jay...
  • romance
  • graphic-violence
  • comingofage
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A Ghost Love Story by Midnight_K
A Ghost Love Storyby Midnight K
Most people when asked about love stories would probably say Romeo & Juliet first, since it is what usually comes into their mind. Most people when asked about ghost sto...
  • dark
  • fiction
  • romance
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That cool girl [ON HOLD] by MAREALiTY
That cool girl [ON HOLD]by × Marleen ×
Lucinda heeft niet zo'n fijne tijd gehad op de basisschool. Toch heeft ze heel veel zin om aan de middelbare school te beginnen. Met een schone lei zodat ze veel nieuwe...
  • friends
  • romance
  • divorce
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Summer Night Thoughts by Lisasslis
Summer Night Thoughtsby Lisa
*Just random thoughts and stuff about everything in life that keep me awake at night.* ---If you feel down, depressed, happy, thoughtful, want something cheesy or amusin...
  • hapiness
  • summer
  • shortstory
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The Badass Alpha and His Human Mate by moni_is_aussie
The Badass Alpha and His Human Mateby moni_is_aussie
Alpha Xander King is the alpha of the strongest pack, he was the man who decided that it was time for the werwolves to rule and so they did. After making their appearanc...
  • characters
  • love
  • soulmate
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My Poetry by casimiira
My Poetryby Rachel Reynolds
Collections of poems I have written. Kind of sad that reading on a phone ruins the structure of the poem :'( so if you're bothered by structure as I am, I recommend read...
  • hapiness
  • depression
  • childhood
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The End of tears by jana_fl
The End of tearsby JFL
Zweiter Teil von "Die Liebe trotzt dem Sturm" Denn die Geschichte muss weiter gehen.. Jane Harrison reist, geführt von dem Gedanken, um ihre Liebe zu kämpfen...
  • irland
  • janeandcharlie
  • inlovewiththisstory
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Short Poems by Pawerr14
Short Poemsby Gian Geronimo
This series contains all of my poems that I wrote for in my childhood and for the past few years...Some poems may contain emotional affect to other people and moral less...
  • love
  • poems
  • rhymes
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A Book of My Essays by kab9991
A Book of My Essaysby Juliette Du
A book full of four of my favorite essay I've ever written. I cover depression, divorce, systematic oppression, and physical appearance.
  • systematicoppression
  • darkskinned
  • lightskinned
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as deep as the knife will go / mini stories by newtabs
as deep as the knife will go / min...by alice
just mini stories i cant finish because im lazy~ some of them will be continued within the book, but not all the time. may contain: -description of suicide or self harm...
  • shorts
  • sad
  • gettingbetter
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spread love by authorsappreciated
spread loveby appreciated
in which i try to spread love [ @authorsappreciated | 2k17 ]
  • hapiness
  • spreadlove
I want forget.... Marcus&Martinus by kijankaxx
I want forget.... Marcus&Martinusby Kika
Znowu ten cholerny poniedziałek, czasami wolałabym się nie obudzić....
  • dream
  • emilia
  • nikola
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The way her mind works by Silent-chan
The way her mind worksby One of Sa-sama's personalitie...
Pain leads to so many things.. People endure pain ignoring it and welcoming it so they can get use to it and feel stronger. People hate pain making a big deal if they go...
  • jealousy
  • grief
  • hapiness
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Sinister  by abaymax
Sinister by abaymax
Moving houses has always been a problem for 39 year old David Schenach, ever since he was 5. Having a wife and three kids makes it even harder. The house they move into...
  • death
  • hapiness
  • horror
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Never Will I Ever by Dandelion-Wishes
Never Will I Everby Julie Holland
Avianna always looked for her purpose in life. Always wanting to make her parents proud, always wanting to make her friends proud, always wanting to make the world aroun...
  • wattys2018
  • life
  • unexpected
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