Beautiful Boys Club by dirtyworksowen
Beautiful Boys Clubby Owen
After loosing his mom in a mysterious way, Elia moves to another city to live with his grandparents. His life at school still is the same as the one back home, he gets j...
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Aphephobia | yoonie [-] by VioletteH0p3
Aphephobia | yoonie [-]by Lydia Nadette
And that's the end of our love story //Aphe•pho•bia: A fear of being known\\ {Where happiness comes to an end} Started: 14 September 2018 Ended: ㅡ Cover by: @sh00kkkkk
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Memories  by _jerusha_cruze_
Memories by _jerusha_cruze_
A Bughead rollercoaster..
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Short Poems ( INSPIRATIONS, EMOTIO...by Gian Geronimo
"For thou I share this poem Thy not conflict to others Though shed light for those whose in the darkness And appreciate the positives" -Pawerr14
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Daily Bible Verses for 3rd Quarter of 2018 by yangyoung463
Daily Bible Verses for 3rd Quarter...by Ariane Cahilig
Daily Bible Verses for 3rd Quarter of 2018 Check and get everyday bible verses which you can easily relate. Give hope, happiness and strength. Helps to enlighten your...
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Lost feelings. {poetry}  by FeeSauvage
Lost feelings. {poetry} by ash•blueberry
*** She carried unspeakable truths which made her shed tears sticky as bees' honey. So when we kissed they dripped onto my lips sweetly. *** collection of poems enjoy...
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Quotes by me by lubka15
Quotes by meby Ľubka
V poslednej dobe píšem veľa citátov a krátkych textov, tak som sa rozhodla o ne s vami podeliť.Ku každej časti bude pridaná aj jedna z mojich obľúbených pesničiek. ...
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A Ghost Love Story by Midnight_K
A Ghost Love Storyby Midnight K
Most people when asked about love stories would probably say Romeo & Juliet first, since it is what usually comes into their mind. Most people when asked about ghost sto...
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What is the outcome of Fire and Water by GinaAllen78
What is the outcome of Fire and Wa...by GinaAllen78
What Happens when Kal'i meets a certain Latino male named Carlos at his new school for meta humans. Mixed emotions begin to happen between the two before everything star...
  • madness
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Quotes by youmakina
Quotesby sugar
Everyday we write a part of our own story and this is mein. I want people to remember me but ... I am Who ? I am Not . I am You ! (#Straykids)
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The lost soul~septiplier by tinyboxsam01
The lost soul~septiplierby Author~chan
Jack is a ghost. He is lost. He is permentally at stuck in a home. When mark moves in and is able to see him. Will he fall in love for a human? !!!completed!!!
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Words: poetry by whale_insanity
Words: poetryby Whoooo
Do you like poetry?
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Imagine Emma doesn't exist on Miss Peregrine Home For Peculiar Children, and you are into Jacob's place and he's in Emma's place, then you'll be Jacob's lover. Enjoy bei...
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you, sea, thoughts by AzimaLucia
you, sea, thoughtsby Say That Shit
collection of texts, and nocturnal thoughts of a fifteen yo girl who breathes love and plays with black ink.
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The Badass Alpha and His Human Mate by moni_is_aussie
The Badass Alpha and His Human Mateby moni_is_aussie
Alpha Xander King is the alpha of the strongest pack, he was the man who decided that it was time for the werwolves to rule and so they did. After making their appearanc...
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Sinister  by abaymax
Sinister by abaymax
Moving houses has always been a problem for 39 year old David Schenach, ever since he was 5. Having a wife and three kids makes it even harder. The house they move into...
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💗💛COLOUR💚💙 || JIMIN x READER by armyquack
💗💛COLOUR💚💙 || JIMIN x READERby 케이시
•Cover made by @rexythespecial • "You're beautiful, Miss.Do" "I doubt it" "Why?" "I can't remember what I look like. I've been looking...
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The Emerald Diamond Necklace by simzypee
The Emerald Diamond Necklaceby akinwande simisola
The story is about a girl born with an emerald diamond necklace Xoxoxo Enjoy the story 😙😙😙 Cast Mrs montez. Mother Mr Montez. Father North montez...
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He Saved My Life(August Alsina) by MrsAlsina-Brown
He Saved My Life(August Alsina)by JadaAugwifey
"Please stop calling me that we are not together anymore". I calmly said. " What u mean yes we are". He said getting angry ". " No we are n...
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