Safe Place // Harrison Reid  by optimisticcal
Safe Place // Harrison Reid by 🌸🛬💕
When Aurora Summers moved in with her uncle Harries. She never expected to fall in love at bondi beach.
  • romance
  • harrisonreid
  • hman
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Be There For You / Bondi Rescue Fanfiction by EllieBunny56
Be There For You / Bondi Rescue Ellie Wilkes
When something happens to a member of her family, Australian born and bred Ellie is whisked back to England, but, when she's older and moves back to her home country, wh...
  • maxi
  • family
  • hoppo
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Bondi Rescue Imagines by -bondii
Bondi Rescue Imaginesby } bondi rescue {
Bondi Rescue imagines for your favourite Aussie lifeguards. • Taking requests!
  • bondirescue
  • bondi
  • trentmaxwell
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Bondi Rescue Imagines by effyxjamesxdunn
Bondi Rescue Imaginesby effyxjamesxdunn
Andrew 'Reidy' Reid Chris 'Chapo' Chapman Dean 'Deano' Gladstone Bruce 'Hoppo' Hopkins Trent 'Maxi' Maxwell Ryan 'Whippet' Clark Jesse Polock Troy 'Gonzo' Quinlan Greg '...
  • bondirescue
  • jesse
  • whippet
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Return by LexxiLoveee
Returnby LexxiLoveee
Celia Emmens was the youngest trainee at Bondi Beach at just 14 years old! She became an actual lifeguard at 17 years old, but after her time at Bondi she decided to tra...
  • maxi
  • hoppo
  • bondilifeguards
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That Girl in Blue by thislittlejellybean
That Girl in Blueby thislittlejellybean
Taco's 15 year old sister, Hannah, escapes her troubles by moving to Sydney with her brother. She follows in his footsteps and becomes a lifeguard, only at 15 she's the...
  • chappo
  • sydney
  • bondilifeguards
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The NERD is the GANGSTER QUEEN (TNITGQ) by cassisyjoy
The NERD is the GANGSTER QUEEN ( KCamille
The assasin boy's Lucas Standford Marvin cruz Lance valmonte Xairus villamin The gangster girl's Cassy joy smith Mella callen Layla davis Xenia taylor (xenaya po ang...
  • squel
  • blackpink
  • joy
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The Journey Home (BONDI RESCUE) by BondiDreamer
The Journey Home (BONDI RESCUE)by BondiDreamer
For Audrey Reid everything revolves around soccer. That's all she ever thinks about. But when she was 10, both Audrey and her mother moved across the world to the USA. B...
  • australia
  • harries
  • hoppo
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drowning in tears | leon & violetta by exclusivetini
drowning in tears | leon & violettaby exclusivetini
violetta and leon, a happy couple with a bright future in front of them. violetta is a shiny girl who is famous because of her incredible voice. she gives show after sho...
  • francesca
  • naty
  • maxi
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Alex die Kämpferin by liikiara
Alex die Kämpferinby liikiara
Alex ist ein Mädchen, welches im wilde Kerle Land lebt. Anfangs ist sie nicht sonderlich von den wilden Kerlen begeistert und wird sogar von zwei wilden Kerlen verspotte...
  • dwk
  • maxi
  • wildekerle
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My High School Story by Jortini_Lover_13
My High School Storyby Jortini_Lover_13
Violetta, Maxi, Fran, and Diego are all new to On Beat High. They were all expelled from their old school(s). What will happen when they meet new people? Will friends be...
  • violetta
  • leon
  • francesca
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Beach Break by A_Lawson
Beach Breakby A_Lawson
Growing up 27-year-old Milla Fox spent her childhood surfing on Bronte Beach letting the thoughts of the life her parents had mapped out for her wash away with the waves...
  • reidy
  • michael
  • maxi
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Love that started blue by read-reid-love
Love that started blueby read-reid-love
A shy girl goes to Bondi beach for a relaxing day. When her days turns from being fun into painful she meets the boys in blue.
  • romance
  • lifeguard
  • rescue
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Drowning in his eyes || Bondi Rescue by Meettherealnaomii
Drowning in his eyes || Bondi Naomi Martina
" I didn't plan on falling in love with you, and I doubt if you planned on falling in love with me. But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control w...
  • beach
  • braboys
  • maroubra
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Dreams really can come true (Bondi rescue fan fic) by CourtneyFowler_x
Dreams really can come true ( Courtney
  • bondirescue
  • jesse
  • pollock
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This Bra Boy of mine//Jesse Polock Fanfiction// by tigergueen
This Bra Boy of mine//Jesse XxHood_HemmoxX
She made friends with the kind of people they warned her about, they are her friends and they stick together no matter what they go through. And she turned out just like...
  • kobyabberton
  • sexualthemes
  • maxi
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Forever by BondiGirlinBlue
Foreverby Delight Polock
Martina is a former student. After finishing her stint at university she's stoked to reach one of her favourite locations, of her favourite action show: Bondi beach. But...
  • maxi
  • jessepolock
  • whippet
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MIRADAS_ [Aguslinaa] by Gastinaa_Aguslinaa
MIRADAS_ [Aguslinaa]by Gastinaa_Pedruanaa
Caro es una chica luchadora que ama cantar y actuar, aunque en el principio le costo encontrar su sueño lo lograra , pero lograra mas que un sueño lograra nuevas amistad...
  • agus
  • caro
  • aguslinaa
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Bondi Rescue ~ Jesse Polock by _arialee_
Bondi Rescue ~ Jesse Polockby _arialee_
I'll be a lady in the streets in dress with my hair tied up or I could be a freak in the sheets in a room with her hands tied up what ever you want whatever you like
  • jesse
  • jake
  • maxi
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sie ist gut! für ein mädchen..  DWK ff by wolfxblackx
sie ist gut! für ein mädchen.. wolfxblackx
es geht um die 12 jährige Anna Snow (die undurchschaubare) die nachdem ihr Vater versetzt wurde mit ihm nach Grünwald zieht. Was ihr wissen solltet sie redet so gut wie...
  • vergangenheit
  • fußball
  • spaß
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