Jay walked into the room expecting a sleeping Lacy, not really what he found. She had tubes in her arms and was connected to a bunch of machines, her beautiful red hair was a mattered mess on the pillow and there were dark circles beneath her eyes.

      “She seems so sad”, Jay whispered, as he walked closer to the bed.

          Margret shooed the others out and left with them to Dr.Russ’s office where they waited in an icy silence.

         Jay on the other hand pulled a chair up to Lacy’s bed and held her cold porcelain hand in his, “Never thought about you hurt Lace.”

          “You always toughed it out and said you were fine. Never any harm done.. . . But now here you are in the hospital halfway there. Why did you give up Lace?” He squeezed her hand hard. “You can’t give up! What could I do without you? You nurse me back to health when I’m sick, you help me with the paper work when I can’t del with it anymore. When I fall asleep in the office, I wake up on the sofa with a blanket a pillow and breakfast on the desk.”

        Moister gathered in his eyes, “You loved me for so long Lace. And I didn’t realize I loved you back till now.” Her heart beat picked up as she stirred. Jay stared a it with wonder, “Come on Lace don’t make me raise Maxilina alone.” That did it. Lacy’s eyes fluttered open.

       “She’s alive?”



        Jaime stumbled back shocked at what she saw. Her brother Chet shielding the little tramp, and a gun shot in his left shoulder.



         He looked back at her and gave her a loop sided smile, “Hey Jaime.” He took the bullet from the metal shoulder blade and stared at her with a cowering Darla behind him.

“She’s the one who-”

“Shot Lacy and gave me this. . . I know.” He held the top of his metal arm. “But I’m still going to protect her Jaime. I love her.”


“Go away Jay”, Lacy said with a cold blank stare.

He blinked twice, “What?”

          She laughed icily, “You think a few sweet words will make me fall into your arms an you whisk me and Maxi away and we'll live happily and together forever?”

Jay just scratched the back of his head, “It’s what I was hoping for . . .”

     She smiled, “Then your wrong. I have nothingto forgive execpt your terrible taste in women.” Jay had a huge grin on his face as he pulled her into his arms, not hard enough to hurt her or disturb the machines though.

“I love you Jay Everheart.”

         “I love you too, Lacy Everheart.”




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