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Lacy stayed with Jamie a couple of weeks, working at the M&M models during the weekdays. But when one early afternoon Lacy went back to the house to get some clothes Jay was there. Leaning against his car smoking a cigarette. She had seen that look in his eyes before, the stern set in his jaw, but mostly the devilish smile on his face. When Lacy saw him she knew immediaty that Chet had called and said she was coming. See Jamie thought like a girl and knew there was no chance for Lacy and Jay. But Chet thought life was a fairytale and thought Jay secretly loved Lacy.

"Lacy we need to talk", Jay said flicking his cigarette to the grass. Lacy swallowed and slowly walked over to him. She knew in these situations it was best to do what she hated best. To shut up and listen rather than fight back. "Lacy look", Jay started, "That night was a mistake. I was drunk, and I needed-" she cut him off ,her arms wrapped around her, she said, "I know! I get it, you don't want to be married, that night was a mistake, you regret it. Fine. Can I go now?" Jay winced, her voice was so filled with pain and she hadn't even looked at him.

"Lacy are you sure you aren't", he cleared his throat, "pregnant." Her pale cheeks turned crimson, "No I'm not knocked up!" Jay was shocked. Lacy never raised her voice to him, but then again he never asked her this question.

On the inside Lacy was freaking out. 'he doesn't know. He doesn't know", her mind chanted again and again. Jay didn't say anything else and Lacy stayed silent.

A night out of time. Thats all it was to him. Even if Lacy started building dreams on that fire hot night Jay quickly brought her back to reality. He wanted no tie to her. Ever.

After a while the anger built and she stormed into the house. She looked around franticly for Margret. "They went to Dallas", Jay said. She whipped around and found him leaning against the door frame, with that same smirk. She glared at him and went to her old bedroom.

Her breathing quit when she saw a blank bed stripped of her favorite old comforter,  and suitcases by the bed side. Which she assumed her belongings were in. She heard Jay walk up behind her. "I was going to tell you", he said softly. Lacy's eyes filled up with tears, "But Margret said. . ." "She knew you were listening. She didn't want to say anything." Lacy felt her heart sink, the only family she had. . . Didn't want her. "Chet and I will come back later for it", she said in a dead tone.

"I'll leave the key under the mat." Lacy gave a little nod. "Darling", a voice sung out. Lacy froze and looked at Jay. He shrugged carelessly. Lacy slowly went to the back door as Darla embraced Jay after she set her suitcases down. Like a ghost she slipped silently out the back door.

Tears running down her face she went around the house to the front leaping in her car. "All these fucking years. I never hurt him", she screamed in her car, "When he was sick I nursed him. When the company was in the dumps I saved it. When he gets drunk I bring him home. I love him and he thinks im garbage? Well we'll see about that!" She turned on the car screeching down the road muttering all the way to the highway.

Jay heard her and had second thoughts about Darla moving in and kicking Lacy out. "Don't worry Jay she'll get over it", Darla laughed. Jay had major doubt of that but just mumbled, "Yea."

Later that night. . .

"I don't care if they were good intentions! You should have told me!", Lacy yelled at Chet. "Lacy I really am sorry." She dropped a white rat in Victor's tank and slammed the top, "Just go." The black Cobra hissed at the intense sound waves. "Sorry Vic", she said sincerely. "You be careful! Even though you may know him he'll still strike if provoked." Lacy rolled her eyes, "Just like some other creature I know."

Chet knew Lacy was upset but he had such a good day he couldn't keep from smiling. When she had finished feeding Victor and the rest of Jamie's pets Chet and her hung out in the living room and watched an old romance movie. Even though Lacy just wanted to go to bed.

As the movie played Lacy thought of leaving town this week.

As she thought a frown creased her feautures. M&M models was all she knew but in eight months . . . It wouldn't matter.

See Maxwell & Marcel model's was a company for when your house was a wreck they came in and remodeled the whole thing. Her father founded it but when Lacy's mother came in the money really started coming in. But 12 years later she died and only Lacy and her father were left. Then the drinking started. . . Then the violence.

On the day of her 16th birthday Maxwell Porter jumped off a bridge and left Lacy alone in the world. Thankfully Jay and Margret's father loved Lacy like a daughter so he guilted his son into marring her so she could keep her family's company. Through the marriage Jay owned the company in name. Though Lacy was in love with Jay Everheart she didn't want to force him into marriage. So Jay did the most hurtful thing to her, he pretended to love her until the marriage papers were signed and they were officially man and wife.


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