The Styles Triplets

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3 Identical Boys...Triplets The "Styles" Triplets All 3 look so similar to one another but, they're all different in their own way. Marcel is the goody goody. Gets straight A's wears funky glasses and isn't the best with the ladies. Edward. The punk, the rocker & the bad one. He isn't the nicest person you'll meet. He's inked all over and a carefree guy. Does what he wants when he wants. And lastly..Harry. The sweetheart, the gentleman & the ladies man. The popular kid in school who everyone admires. The life of any party.  All 3 of these boys are so different from each other for looking so much alike. But they do have ONE thing in common. They all like the same girl......   © COPYRIGHT @IWLWWY_Fanfics 2013  ♡
First sentence sounds like the beginning of the Deathly Hallows story
that just happened to me and here i am clicking on the first chapter "but i need to read this"
I came on this book bc it was a suggested book for me than I read the blur and I could not stop my self from clicking read lol
please read my friend's fanfic. its called Immortal Flowers by Allyzemmy. thanks :)
This is the best book i ever read.. I can't wait till to the next chapter......