What Happens In High School

Katy Richardson a regular teenage girl who seems to get along with all her friends except Jeremy-a boy whom she always has problems with . After years of fight , things start to get more interesting. Hanging out, getting along and most of all enjoying each others presence.A lot.To a point where they find themselves in a mixture of weird feelings. Letting those feelings get in the away of their new friendship is a bit questionable but let's face it , can you keep your feelings to yourself for that long?
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I would have smacked that guy across his face. Great book! I'm exited 2 read on!
Omg Lara when i was reading that 1st part i was like omg this book was so go the moment i look at the cover make more books
A few typos but who cares about them it is a really good story line you have to keep writing it!!! :)
Uhhhh I'm guessing your 'yh' is 'ya' right? It's understandable and really cute, you should keep writing:)
Is the knocking part (right at the start) Katy's mum talking or is it an action? If it's an action I suggest you put a * before and after the word. That's all:)

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