☆Sidemen Imagines and Preferences☆

☆Sidemen Imagines and Preferences☆

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~OneLove~ By Taylah2112 Updated Apr 10

Do you want a world of Imagines? 
Or will a book do? 

This is filled with imagines so: 
- Save to your library 
- Read ❤ 

REQUESTS:          Open 

PLAGIARISM NOT ALLOWED. Do not repost any of my work without tagging/creditng me. I've worked very hard on all of these. 

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Dani_Snot_Onfire Dani_Snot_Onfire Sep 03, 2017
Name: Freya
                              Boi: Vikk
                              Mood: sad to happy
                              Appearance: short wavy brown hair
                              Short 5'0
                              Eye color: hazel
                              Story: my boyfriend cheats on me and Vikk saves the day lmao Idk I'm bad at this stuff
Is this book still going? If so Are requests open still? You’re a great writer btw, you should keep up what you do! ❤️
Name: Rose Anne
                              Sideman : JJ
                              Mood : Happy, rebel, popular
                              Appearance : long, brown hair. Brown skin. Nice clothing
jshzrkr jshzrkr Dec 21, 2016
That's your hearts fault. It keeps pumping the blood round your body which means, yes, you're still bleeding inside. 
                              Wow that's a weird thought. I'm always bleeding. Huh
carebear2326 carebear2326 Feb 09, 2017
                              Sadness than happy 
                              Long blonde hair, blue eyes, dark jeans, white crop top and white adidas 
                              Family stuff, you can make up the plot