The Pack and Friends One Shots {requests open} by hollyskater
The Pack and Friends One Shots { Holly
Gay gAY GAy gaY GaY gAy gAyYyYyY I AM UNIMAGINATIVE IF YOU WANT TO SEND ME PROMPTS/SHIPS FEEL FREE #1 vikkstar123, bajancanadian, jeromeasf, tbnrfrags, woofless, preston...
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  • tewtiy
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sidemen preferences  by wroetojizzle
sidemen preferences by i like dolphins
still going to include JJ Like idec
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  • ksiolajidebt
  • behzinga
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The Gore Games- Sidemen Horror by lucira03
The Gore Games- Sidemen Horrorby Lucy A
When the new YouTube trend of exploring creepy places arises, the Sidemen and friends want to be some of the first to tackle it. When venturing through the woods, a plac...
  • wroetoshaw
  • miniminter
  • drama
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Sidemen And Friends Imagines by bri_leon823
Sidemen And Friends Imaginesby bri_leon823
The title practically explains itself :) Requests are open! Direct message me if you'd like an imagine! I do imagines for: Any Sidemen Member Calfreezy Callux ChrisMD Le...
  • chrismd
  • stephentries
  • ksi
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Sidemen Preferences by JaedynJJ_0108
Sidemen Preferencesby Jaedyn
Just as the title says its a Sidemen Preferences! If you have any suggestions please leave a comment! Very irregular updates Started: 30th September 2016
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  • behzinga
  • wroetoshaw
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instagram   |  miniminter by sidemen-moon
instagram | miniminterby kiosk
The making of Ebony and Simon, through Instagram photos (and a few iMessages). You followed @ebonyday1! You followed @miniminter! © sidemen-moon 2018
  • tobibrown
  • ksi
  • tobjizzle
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falling for u// ksi fanfic by stormsongs_
falling for u// ksi fanficby storm ♡
your best friend simon introduces you to his friends, one of them called ksi, or jj for short. first you two despise each other, but the hatred slowly turns to love.. ́...
  • comedyshortsgamer
  • love
  • paul
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way beyond - will lenney by twotiNE
way beyond - will lenneyby twotiNE
i don't want to feel numb anymore i just want to feel something, like before
  • theburntchip
  • ksi
  • tbjzl
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{Sidemen & Friends BoyxBoy Imagines} by 1-800-Minter
{Sidemen & Friends BoyxBoy Morgan🍔
StArTeD: March 18 2018 **REQUEST ARE OPEN** Highest Ranking;; #11 in sidemen
  • lachlan
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  • calfreezy
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 Simon Minter and Talia Mar by kalanileigh05
Simon Minter and Talia Marby SadiesSDMN
A Simon Minter and Talia Mar Fanfic...♥ Started: October 2cnd 2018 Finished:.
  • tbjzl
  • miniminter
  • behzinga
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On The 'Straight' And Narrow (Minizerk FF) by FauxNotAQuiff
On The 'Straight' And Narrow ( x
Simon Minter was honest with himself about being gay, but not with his housemates and closest friends. He wants to get back on the straight and narrow, but is that even...
  • ksi
  • housemates
  • joshuabradley
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Instagram // Simon Minter  by dixonhemmo
Instagram // Simon Minter by fxckhemmo
Instagram. That's pretty much it.
  • ksiolajidebt
  • wroetoshaw
  • vikram
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Josh's Sister {Sidemen} by ohhhdear
Josh's Sister {Sidemen}by ohhhdear
When Sophie is discovered by Josh's friends, what will she do? She tried to stay away from the group but now everyone knows, there's no hiding that she is Zerkaa's siste...
  • vikk
  • willne
  • zerkaa
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One Hell Of A Life (KSI/Sidemen Fanfiction) by annalise-xo
One Hell Of A Life (KSI/Sidemen lee
• JJ gained knowledge from his wise parents. He grew strength from his positive mentality, which was fed by his friends and fans. Now, integrity. Olajide Olatunji was...
  • ksi
  • ksiolajidebthd
  • zerkaahd
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Is this love? ~ {W2S x reader} by finallysmilinagain
Is this love? ~ {W2S x reader}by Rosa :)
Nearly getting hit by a car wasn't the way Harry expected to meet the potential love of his life.
  • calfreezy
  • bazinga
  • tbjzl
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BLUR⇉SIDEMEN GIF SERIES✔️ by lachys-loch
BLUR⇉SIDEMEN GIF SERIES✔️by »semi hiatus«
❝leave this blue neighbourhood, never knew loving could hurt this good❞ a collection of gif imagines to do with the sidemen. also includes: the pack callux calfreezy the...
  • xix
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The Pack One Shots by WaterPrincess97
The Pack One Shotsby The Water Princess
So this is my first set of one shots. I don't know how often I'll be posting or if they will be any good. So please bear with me while I learn the ropes.
  • woofless
  • poofless
  • preston
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Changes(Sidemen FanFiction) by trashticles
Changes(Sidemen FanFiction)by lexi
Aislin isn't who everyone thinks she is. I mean, she is, but yet she isn't. Not even her best friends know everything about her. To everyone, she is just a ghost who sho...
  • tobjizzle
  • behzinga
  • zerkaa
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Kik (Ministar123)  by Bringmethehemmings
Kik (Ministar123) by idoit
In which, Vik wanted to be friends with a boy who he was too scared to talk to in real life. #1 in MINISTAR (Aug 26, 2018)
  • behzinga
  • wroetoshaw
  • ministar
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Upload *Miniminter ff* by 1975Effy
Upload *Miniminter ff*by 1975Effy
Raye starts off as a fan of the Sidemen and an Internet friend of Simon Minter. Who along her journey to finding herself gets her heartbroken by him so she runs away but...
  • willne
  • geenelson
  • tbjzl
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