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hatred | miniminter by -wrongcrowd
hatred | miniminterby fi
"hatred is often associated with feelings of anger, disgust and a disposition towards the source of hostility." i think it is our fate to never get along.
Secret baby [W2S] by sdmnwriter
Secret baby [W2S]by sdmnwriter
After a two year relationship throughout highs and lows, Harry and Lucy decide its time to call quits after a bad ending from a night out with some serious fighting. The...
Our Boys by scotty_dog
Our Boysby scotty_dog
Simon and JJ are adoptive dads to five very different boys. Follow this family of seven through the laughter, the tears, and ultimately the joy that comes from them be...
missing you || wroetoshaw  by needy4them
missing you || wroetoshaw by ❦
Lizzy Ells is famous singer/youtuber. She had been friends with the sidemen for about 5 years until her and her boyfriend, harry , broke up which led her to move out of...
uplifting || behzinga by maisbae-
uplifting || behzingaby mais😎
bestfriends to what?.. ,,, one night, everything changes, feeling start.
look at me | wroetoshaw by multiixfandcm
look at me | wroetoshawby multiixfandcm
SEQUEL TO MINIMINTER'S SISTER "Sophie Minter...we are going to have the most perfect children one day, I'd bet on it." "Careful, you sound like Freya and...
The Knights and The Missing Piece  -  H A R R Y    L E W I S by land0swh0re
The Knights and The Missing land0swh0re
When Luna is battling herself, maybe all she needs is a few knights in shining armour? Luna is 22 year old trying to save herself from drowning in her own thoughts. She...
My bad boy (miniminter fanfic) [COMPLETED] by lovedafanfic
My bad boy (miniminter fanfic) [ Rosyled
WARNING| there is bad language and smut I well warn you if there is smut and if you don't like it read the next chapter :) ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...
Just "Friends"~ w2s by Supimbored_
Just "Friends"~ w2sby Supimbored_
"Just friends" they always say to cover up but it's never 'just friends' Complete ~ 25/01/2021
i need you | wroetoshaw  by -wrongcrowd
i need you | wroetoshaw by fi
'no harry you can't fucking call me 'dais' anymore,' where two best friends try to rekindle their friendship, but feelings only get more confusing and overwhelming, is i...
▪︎Intoxicated▪︎W2S▪︎ by youneversawmex
▪︎Intoxicated▪︎W2S▪︎by hey
Where a girl and a boy meet in unprecedented circumstances "Some would say you're the opposition" "You intoxicate me" Where Amel...
snake | wroetoshaw by sid3men
snake | wroetoshawby h
slow burn »»----- ★ -----«« sage's best friend blair has a crush on harry. what happens when blair gets overprotective and let's a boy come through their friendship? it...
hiraeth ; harry lewis by wroetostars
hiraeth ; harry lewisby eve 🌠
❝That's the worst thing about love. It makes everything harder than it has to be.❞ Valentina Morgan moved to London expecting many things, but reconnecting with her form...
20 VS 1 - BEHZINGA  by glxsslxvx
20 VS 1 - BEHZINGA by glxsslxvx
just a date for a youtube video? right?
CHANCE ― mason mount. by -ARSENALFC
CHANCE ― mason 𝗲𝗺𝗶𝗹𝘆
💭 in which she finally gives him the second (well... third) chance he's been desperate for. 💌 mason mount x fem!oc 🗓 published: 25th of september 2021 finished: edi...
☆Sidemen Imagines and Preferences☆ by Taylah2112
☆Sidemen Imagines and Preferences☆by ~OneLove~
Do you want a world of Imagines? Or will a book do? This is filled with imagines so: - Save to your library - Read ❤ REQUESTS: Open ...
Always You || Simon Minter (miniminter) by chandlerfknriggs
Always You || Simon Minter ( XIX
"You promised it would always be me." Simon says in a hushed tone. "It's always you, you idiot... I couldn't love anyone else." Highest rankings #1...
sidemen texts | sidemen & friends  by jojismodus4
sidemen texts | sidemen & friends by Lisa
Before you walk into this book, I suggest you carry a bible and some holy water. Also, tissues and some food... "Time to smash it!" - Harry. started; 20/12/1...
beside you |  wroetoshaw  by w2swhore
beside you | wroetoshaw by w2swhore
"everything is different when i'm beside her, i couldn't handle it"
london boy | wroetoshaw by wroe2simp
london boy | wroetoshawby rosie
there was no doubt in mia's mind that true love existed, she just never thought it was meant for her.