After Earth's Fall

After Earth's Fall

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"Humanity's pride and greed will be the death of us" 

In 2025 B.E.F that saying couldn't have been more than true.

After a devastating nuclear explosion had scorched one side of the world, people were forced to leave their home planet to Mars. A few millenniums after the global crisis, an ambitious girl, Nila, aspires to go to Earth like the rest of her colleagues. Though, when she arrives, it's not what she had expected and suspects something much sinister is going on. 

|HIGHEST RANK: #5 in Science Fiction|

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  • corruptgovernment
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ericdabbs ericdabbs Sep 29
Interesting set up. Great details and characters. A civilization on Mars. :)
Honestly this is way better and more descriptive about habitats on Mars than the science presentation I did about that topic xD
Nyt3Sh4d3 Nyt3Sh4d3 Aug 29
so the main character is a friend of the son in second in command. How nifty
Hmm. My names Dylan, and on the urban dictionary it says that Dylan has a big dick, and is nice to girls. Im confused
Yo amazing start but gotta improve on "informational books..." Informative books..
-acliye -acliye Sep 28
i really really like this book. i love your style of writing and love how descriptive you are. i can't wait to read other chapters!