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Friendship, Love and Wishes of the Heart by k21pt11
Friendship, Love and Wishes of K21pt
Radhika Mishra does not want to join her family business right after graduation. In order to escape that plight she convinces her father that she wants to work in India...
Boston Blues - BLACKBIRD book 2 by MonicaPrelooker
Boston Blues - BLACKBIRD book 2by Monica Prelooker
+18 - eps 6-11 - A unique city. A unique police team led by a unique woman. And an uptight fed set on a collision course. On the second installment of the Blackbird S...
Stressed Spelled Backwards |Lesbian Story| by Svetaivanova
Stressed Spelled Backwards | S V E T A
Azra Kononovich and her two best friends are about to have the ultimate experience in New York City. They're going to spread their wings and live like the wild girls the...
The Avengers and Percy Jackson #3 by always_bookish
The Avengers and Percy Jackson #3by phix
"Most people would have 'ought scream by now." "Don't worry... I've seen worse." "Worse then me? Mr. Percy Jackson, you wanna how I got these...
Seen by sookeza
Seenby Sookeza
The book cover was created by @awstheticallyyas. A 17 year old girl enters a new world of the lives of the supernaturals as her power awakens. She discovers people of d...
Reader (Male) X Zoroark (Female) A Dark Bond by CaiusAmosAthlai
Reader (Male) X Zoroark (Female) Caius Amos Athlai
Ever had an idea where you wanted to be with one of your favorite Pokémon? Well, this is the beginning of that idea. Come and read the story of how you first met up with...
Superflash - Crisis on Earth X (Volume 1) by TheAIWriter
Superflash - Crisis on Earth X ( TheAIWriter
Rewrite of Crisis on Earth X. Kara Danvers and Barry Allen have battled and overcome the worst, but what happens when there newest challenge they must face is themselves...
DAWN /BOOK II/ by OrLarmie
DAWN /BOOK II/by Olamide🖤
Satisfied that she has answers to her questions, Dawn decides it is time to go back home but what no one knows is that she became stronger than they can ever imagine. Wi...
the book of existential crisis by I_am_rat
the book of existential crisisby I_am_rat
Things I think about at 1am. suffer with me.
After Earth's Fall | ✔ by Sophie_Louise246
After Earth's Fall | ✔by Sophie_Louise246
"Humanity's pride and greed will be the death of us" In 2025 B.E.F that saying couldn't have been more than true. After a devastating nuclear explosion had sc...
The Spectre: A SuperFlash Story by jamiealex01
The Spectre: A SuperFlash Storyby Jamiealex01
An alternate story of crisis on infinite earths where Barry Allen becomes the Spectre. Disclaimer All characters belong to the CW and DC comics. Sequel story is out now...
unbridled [completed] by smokestung
unbridled [completed]by smokestung
u n b r i d l e d : ʌnˈbrʌɪd(ə)ld/ adjective uncontrolled ; unrestrained [ lowercase intended I completed I short story I thriller ] ©smokestung
Eʅҽƈƚɾιƈ ԋυɾɾιƈαɳҽ 〚ᴀʀʀᴏᴡᴠᴇʀsᴇ〛 by scarsandstarss
Eʅҽƈƚɾιƈ ԋυɾɾιƈαɳҽ 〚ᴀʀʀᴏᴡᴠᴇʀsᴇ〛by ⫷Emily⫸
"I can't be a legend, I'm just a fucking kid!" Alice Moore got powers in the particle accelerator explosion which left her in a coma for almost two years. What...
Inertia's Social Media by JauneValeska
Inertia's Social Mediaby JauneValeska
ReverseImpulse has followed you. (Post Crisis On Infinite Earths Thad.-social media.)
Kaiju War: Crisis among Worlds(Male Eva pilot reader) by OnslaughtLives_27
Kaiju War: Crisis among Worlds( Kevin Hernandez
Darkness assembles as the fate of many worlds hang in the balance. As timelines, reality, and events are being alter,destroyed and combine. A pilot named Y/n Ikari (a.k...
The Girl Inside The Wall (NA_JAEMIN FF)  by Ne0cRacK05
The Girl Inside The Wall ( Kpopislife_D
OK HUMAN BEINGS... This is my second story and I hope you enjoy it... Well imagine, What happens when a depressed boy gets to live in the haunted house because of a dar...
The Duke's Maid  & Lover by Goodygoodynako
The Duke's Maid & Loverby Lina Robinson
I never ask for what I want. I take it away before anyone could dare to question me. He said with brute and emotionless expression set on his well-structured face. But...
Loving Abbie by MiriamEThompson
Loving Abbieby Miriam E. Adrien-Thompson
An Emergency Trauma surgeon who saves lives. A Detective who serves and protects lives at any cost. A string of tragic events that demand their undivided attention. Mar...
Un-Mabel Like by ruboftommy
Un-Mabel Likeby ∞LY∞
How do you get a name wrong not once, not twice but countless times? Such is not uncommon for Maybelline. Maybelline, a teenage baker just wants to have fun during the s...
poet's block by rkpoetry
poet's blockby r. k.
a collection of poems by r.k. early twenty-somethings crisis is very common. r.k. shares some of his experiences through poetry but, writer's block for poetry made him...