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Science fiction #1

What will happen if suddenly earth loses its gravity ?

What will happen to all of us ?

Are we going to die or survive ?

If yes , then how......

And for how long?

Read this story to know what will happen....

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Thanks @RajanGaggiArora for this amazing cover!!!!

utkarshluthra utkarshluthra Sep 13, 2016
Dont feel like i am a physics teacher or something. I am just a boy of 13 years who has read about the formula and thought that there is a confusion here
algid_anthropoid algid_anthropoid Jun 26, 2016
You explained that pretty well. I wish I had read it before my Physics paper. (^_^")
MeowMeowMeadow MeowMeowMeadow Jun 03, 2016
Except if the Earth lost its gravity, then there would be nothing holding the atmosphere to Earth and we would all suffocate in a couple minutes. The end.
Shruti612 Shruti612 2 days ago
Wow....hard to believe you're only in 9th and still so attracted by gravity! :P I mean to say, you must be paying a lot of attention in physics class at school ;) Great info! :D
musicalme1011 musicalme1011 Sep 24, 2016
I can't help but think of the TV show, Gravity Falls when I see this book. But, aside from that, the theme of the book sounds pretty interesting!
utkarshluthra utkarshluthra Sep 13, 2016
It is r^2. Cause r2 is not a apropriate equation. It would look like 2r rather than r^2 to people who dont know. No offense.